Heat Rises? Not All The Time.

Where’d the heat go is what all the global warming deniers want to know. But of course it doesn’t matter that actual research shows where it went (and indicates that it will be coming back relatively soon), not to deniers. They have opinions. Their opinions are just like facts, except that they’re a lot easier to get to because the deniers don’t have to do any messy research and investigation and actual thinking. It’s true just because they say so. Yup. They’re real frigging geniuses.

Yeah. Tiresome, aren’t they, the jabberers?



2 Responses

  1. Deniers (holocaust or otherwise)
    Frigging geniuses

    Yet the article linked (which confirms no atmospheric warming for nearly two decades) still doesn’t explain how heat sinks and is stored in water when the atmosphere above hasn’t warmed.

    Go on, be rude again or delete this comment. It’s much easier than thinking.


  2. Going to the source of the data is always good.


    NCDC’s observations, no less.


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