Liberace Is Gonna Be So Pissed…

Police in Oklahoma now consider glitter, yes, glitter, to be a biochemical weapon, an instrument of terror.

Not only is Trans Canada corrupting democracy and co-opting police forces across the country to do its bidding, they are pushing for people who protest their vile product and actions to be treated as terrorists, with all the accompanying legal foofaraw and long prison sentences.

This is what happens when corporations arrogate to themselves the right to govern by buying politicians and political systems. It’s fascism, plain and simple.

But really, glitter? Glitter? The police and the FBI and hazmat teams called to respond to a glitter attack? Corporate thought at its acme of perfection.

Read all about it in Mother Jones, The Dissenter, and be sure to read the idiot comments following the article in NewsOK, one of my favorites being “Climate always changes, mostly for natural reasons. In the midst of global warming so allegedly severe that Al Gore and others call it a "crisis," isn’t it interesting that in the last week the US set over two thousand cold and snow records?”



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  1. [TNA, or sycophant thereof]

    For someone who believes that it is incumbent on the intelligent to aggressively dismiss debate with and insult those sceptical of the scale of the predicted climate you seem quite keen to address their points. What’s your qualification to sift for us these articles and select those worthy of repeating?

    A degree in journalism, a lot of time reading the internet alone in your underpants and cat ownership? Well why didn’t you say so before, go right ahead and tell us the truth dear Ric.

    Inconveniently, sea levels aren’t rising faster than the centuries-old trend of 20cm every 100 years (there’s a graph showing this on the wiki page about global sea levels; place a ruler on that from 1870 to the current day; it makes a Roman road look meandering) and global warming hasn’t occurred since 1997.

    To be fair, that was 6 months after Rychui Sakamoto released one of his best albums so maybe he fixed climate change for us. The little Japanese hero, him.


    • Of course, it might be simpler to not block the letters T, N and A in the name field rather than playing the pitiful victim of internet trolling.

      “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”.


      • Pitiful? Look in the mirror. You hide behind the skirts of anonymity and believe that gives you license to attack and insult anyone who doesn’t subscribe to your juvenile worldview. You seem to think that the crap you spew is important to somebody in some government and that they actually pay enough attention to you to want to tear down the walls and get you. Trust me, they don’t give a damn about you or your nonsense, no more than they give a damn about me and my rants.

        You’ve chosen to insult and demean me, which says volumes about you and nothing about me. I no more want you around here than I would allow you in my home. I’m not playing a victim nor do I consider myself one, but you chose to victimize me. That’s your problem, not mine. Again, it says far more about you than about me. You behave like a snotty little shit-eating twelve-year-old, and that’s what the world sees out here on the other side of your curtain of anonymity. You’re so blinded by that fat ego of yours that you can’t see what an ugly thing you’ve become.

        So go ahead and spew. The more shit you throw, the more people learn about you, about who you are. You will be pitied, perhaps for a whole minute at a time by someone. Yes, I think you’re annoying. I also think you’re willfully ignorant and that you glory in your ideology over reality. I think you’re sad and pathetic. Of course, you don’t care about any of that and think I’m just trying to get back at you. But no. I’ve said what I really think of you, because that’s what you’ve shown me and everybody else who reads my blog.

        So go ahead, show us your ignorance, show us your stupidity, show us your immaturity and your small-mindedness and your mean-spiritedness and your arrogance.

        I’m pretty much done with you. Oh, I’m sure you’ll keep trying to annoy me and maybe once in a while I’ll piss back at you, just because you’re an annoying little asshole, but pretty much I don’t actually care. I don’t have a lot of years left and I just can’t see wasting any little bit of them on a jerk like you.


        • “I’m pretty much done with you”…

          It’s funny, but that’s what you said about a year ago too after my first comments politely disagreed with you.

          Back then, when I suggested it might be possible to debate without resorting to insults, this;

          “I’ve been accused of being uncivil to people who make these sorts of claims. It’s true. I am and will continue to be uncivil towards stupidity in these matters.”

          I’ve just had a squint back at all my contributions to this fine organ and I’m pretty comfortable I’ve not had to resort to this genre;

          “… a snotty little shit-eating  twelve-year-old”.

          Do you know many ‘sans hanky’ minors born in 2001 with a predilection for consumption of excrement for comparison? See; you’re a bit rubbish at insults, why not give it up and debate civilly instead?


          • You left out the part where you called me a communist because I disagreed with you.

            You left out the part about you being completely wrong on climate change.

            You left out the part about me directing you to a legitimate Q&A climate site and your response being a snide ‘What am I supposed to look at, Ric?’

            You left out the part about, if I recall correctly, your belief in the ‘military industrial science climate conspiracy’ or some such thing.

            You left out the part about the ugly and vicious post you wrote on your TNA blog where you published my phone number, address, my mother’s phone number and so forth with what can only be considered malicious intent.

            You left out the part about me being quite clear that I have absolutely no interest in discussing anything with you because there is no point, and because you’ve revealed yourself to be a nasty little bitch.

            You left out the part where I say in my Comment Policy that I would ban anyone who behaved the way you have.

            You left out the part about free speech having a specific meaning under the Constitution regarding Federal action, and not having anything to do with blogs and the like.

            You’re not polite by a long shot. You’re egotistical, arrogant, and ignorant, and apparently only interested in remaining that way. Fine. I don’t care, I never did. You’ve made it your business to intrude because I was clear that I wasn’t interested in your ill-informed views. You’re not wanted here. I’ve been clear about that. Obviously you’re sufficiently mentally disturbed to ignore that message.

            So please leave and stay gone. Yes, that’s a fruitless thing to say, but consider it said that with the utmost clarity you’ve been told you are not wanted here. For anything.


  2. 10 minutes on Google produced all the information on that post.

    Who on earth put all that personal information on the internet? I think that’s the person you should be disappointed with.

    Oh hang on….


    • As usual you miss the point. No surprise there.


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