Obama Pretends America Not A Murderous Hypocrite

Twelve years ago today, but it was a Tuesday then, some men flew a couple of airplanes into some buildings in New York City and Washington, D.C., and turned the world upside down. America reacted in its usual clumsy, stupid fashion. And here we are. Still.

Obama gave a speech about Syria last night but, getting old, I fell asleep at the beginning, before the beginning. Woke up a bit after it, when the pundits were punditing. Apparently Obama didn’t say anything new or different. But I did hear, on the news, his line that went something like ‘What kind of world will we live in if the United States of America sees a dictator brazenly violate international law with poison gas, and we choose to look the other way?’

Well, we’d be the kind of country that invaded a third-world country for no other reason than the egotistical desires and greed of a few powerful men in Washington. We’d still be the kind of country that uses white phosphorus weapons, as we did in Iraq. We’d still be the kind of country that uses depleted uranium weapons, as we did in Iraq, spreading the poison of radiation over the land and through the generations of survivors. We’d still be the kind of country that uses cluster bombs that kill children long after the bomb has been dropped. We’d still be the kind of country that refuses to agree to ban land mines. We’d still be the country that dresses up all pretty to cover up its ugliness, its disregard of its own people, its greed and stupidity and willingness to kill and maim and destroy to get what it wants. That’s the kind of country we are, one that engages in invasion, destruction, and slaughter of innocents because we can, international law be damned.

To bitch at Assad because he’s a vicious, murderous human being who uses deadly weapons on the people he rules is, for the United States, an exercise in vast hypocrisy, an exercise in profound deceit, an exercise revealing the United States as the dictator slaughtering lives and generations around the world.

What kind of world would we live in, asked the President of the United States. We already live in that world, Mr. Obama, and it is uglier and more brutal and more deadly than ever because of the government of the United States, because of the men who aspire to run that government, because of the men who do, now and in the past thirty years, run that government.

It’s ironic that the government of the United States wants to attack another third world country while at home it allows policies and acts that threaten to turn the United States into a third world country ruled by theocrats and plutocrats, an oligarchy of the worst that America has to offer.



6 Responses

  1. I vote that you send a copy of this directly to Pres. Obama! He needs to read this. And it could not be said any better than you said it here!!


    • Feel free to forward it, if you like. “Dear Barry,…”

      I’m back to FB. It’s the only way I can get my blog posts on there. Intending not to spend much time there perusing stuff though.


      • Glad you’re back! Don’t blame you for not putting up with all the crap on there! I hate it to.
        Why don’t YOU forward your post?? It’s excellent. But if you don’t, since You give permission, I will, giving credit where credit is due, of course!
        Now to figure out HOW to forward it! Or where, precisely.


        • You can probably copy the text and then paste it into the official White House thingie at whitehouse.gov.

          Once there, it will, of course, be promptly ignored, but what the hell, you’ll feel better for having done it. And you never know… someone might actually read it.



          • I’m gonna’ do it!!! You may become “famous-er”!!!!

            Sent from my iPhone


  2. so true and yet most American’s do not get this


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