All Power To The Roof!



All the regulatory hurdles have been cleared, the power company is happy, and just a few minutes ago I finally turned on the solar panels on the roof.

My little bit to save the world.

Okay, I don’t believe that either. But at least I’m doing something and I can feel better about that as the biospheric Titanic breaks and sinks.


By the way, the company is Sungevity, out in California. Very easy to work with. Tell ‘em Ric Gerace from Cape Cod sent you.


10 Responses

  1. Gerace? Any relation to Butch Gerace?


    • Nah. Not even to Butch Cassidy.


      • Butch is Tony Gerace and a neighbor of mine. He was once the lead singer of Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs – something of one hit wonder group back in the 60’s. Has a local band now and some kind of day job. Lovely guy.


        • I remember the band. I didn’t know there was a Gerace involved. Likely not one of mine. We were originally Geraci – Sicilian – but nobody could pronounce that so the old man changed it back in the Forties. I’m considering changing it to Smith for simplicity, or maybe Steel for drama, or Smythe Fosberger Luxembourg IV just for the hell of it.


          • I’d go with the third . . . gotta do something about that all-too-American ‘Ric’ part.


            • whoops, last word should have been ‘though’.


            • No no. “Rick” is American. Ric is more Continental, has some flair, is streamlined and svelte, as opposed to the clutzy “Rick”. (Apologies to Humphrey Bogart and the Casablanca clan.) And in this age of excess we have to set an example by curbing the use of excess letters. On the other hand, Richard Smythe Fosberger Luxembourg IV has a certain ring to it…


            • I see you’ve thought this out, so ‘Ric’ it shall be.


  2. Gratz on your drop in the bucket.


    • Getting my feet wet… or at least a little damp.


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