We’ll Take Our Country Back From Unspeakable Darkness, Says Mitt

Okay, the RTP piece of wood didn’t actually say that last night.

What he did say, among all the nonsense and empty flim-flam language and phony homespun babble, was that the United States is supposed to save the world from ‘unspeakable darkness’. The context was vaguely historical, but given the RTP’s affinity for Klannishness, it’s not far fetched to suggest that he was throwing some meat to the racial bigots, to the peanut throwers, the animal feeders, out there in the convention center that was built with taxpayer money from blacks and whites alike.

And today, babbling some other speech somewhere, he shouted, in his finish, ‘We’re going to take America back.’

We’re going to take America back.

Now that’s a bit ambiguous.

Does he mean he wants to take America back to the nineteenth century, or the eighteenth, or possibly the Dark Ages? That’s where RTP policies, such as they are, would take us. Of course Mitten would be satisfied to take us back to the status of a third-world country by bankrupting us with his lust for absolute military power at the cost of every other aspect of American life except for the part where he gives even more money to his rich friends and masters.

Or did he mean he wants to take America back from some force or power that took America away? Last time I looked the country was being run and staffed by Americans, duly elected. Perhaps he means the Americans in the White House. That American. Obama. The black guy who took America away from the real Americans, you know, the white ones who mumble in their sleep, mumble in their coffee, and blither in their get-togethers that they want to take ‘their White House back from the nigger.’

Mittens may not have offered a single bit of substance in his entire primary campaign and during the entire RTPNC convention in Tampa, but he sure does seem to be whistling Dixie to the white RTP people whose hearts belong to the Klan.


8 Responses

  1. Willard wants to take the country back for We the People because, you know, “corporations are people, my friend.” Of course they are, because five grumpy old men in Washington D.C. say so..


  2. Sometimes I wonder if it’s just that no one has yet told them that everyone else hears the dog whistles too.


    • I don’t think they care. As long as their dogs hear the whistles and vote for them, that’s all they want. The rest of us can go hang for all they care. Literally hang, because if they put their policies, their ideology, into effect, you’ll see the suicide rate start to climb. We’re going to a very dark place with these bastards.


  3. “meet the new boss, same as the old boss”


    • Have you read this about Romnyan’s philosopherette heroine? Alternet


      • Atlas Shrugged is truly the worst novel I’ve ever read. Pretty good economic philosophy in there though.

        To give someone “free” anything (healthcare, food stamps, housing, etc) you have to take it from someone else either in terms of money or labour.

        The only difference between us is where we draw the line on what level of “take” is acceptable to be able to make something “free”.


  4. The Democratic convention hardly lived up to the noun either; http://thenewaustralian.org/?p=2101


  5. I have definitely become bored with and tired of the Republican party’s purpose and platform. They realize that they don’t represent or even tolerate most of America anymore and can only try to fool us into thinking they are on our side by demonizing the Democratic party. Sorry, but their 3-Card Monte trick has gotten old…


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