Ronald Reagan Redux, America In His Darkness

It’s evening in America.

Today fewer men and women will go to work than ten years ago.

With banks paying virtually no interest on savings, with a financial sector filled with thieves, hucksters, and con men drawing astronomical salaries as they destroy American’s ability to take care of their families, Americans are more fearful and less secure than ever.

Hundreds of young men and women will marry today, and they can look forward to a nation that values weapons more than education; that values scientific ignorance more than facts and evidence; that values people with money more than people struggling with three jobs to support their families; that sends American jobs overseas to enrich wealthy owners who pay little or nothing in taxes; that gives pride of place to religious superstition and ignorance instead of knowledge and understanding; that seeks to degrade women to the status of farm animals.

It’s evening in America, and under the cover of darkness the forces of wealth, amorality, and ignorance, the forces of forty years of Republican and Conservative political deceit and lies, our country is weaker and worse off than ever.

Ronald Reagan told us it was morning in America and then he started turning out the lights.

Today in America, night is falling and the lights are still going out. Why would we ever want to put Republicans back in power?


4 Responses

  1. We need to elect more Republikans because we’re ‘Murcans, that’s why. We come from “Murca, the most advanced civilization in the universe where unborn babies and corporations are We the People who have all the rights and all those who disagree with us deserve to be poor and die along with their bastid kids and all those illeagal immergrants. That’s why we gotta vote for Republikans so they can trickle on iggorant bastids like you. .

    -Freeman Marquette III


    • Hey Freeman, I’m not a bastid. I’m a bastard.

      (Friend of yours, Richie?) 🙂


      • Ric-

        I’m so sorry. That was my evil twin Skippy, using one of his many aliases to make me look as stupid as Scott Brown and Willard Romney. Please accept my apologies for him.



        • You could never be as stupid as Scott Brown and Mitten Romnyan. Even Skippy couldn’t be that stupid.

          Maybe stupid isn’t the right word for these guys. Morally decrepit perhaps.


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