The Fallacies of James Holmes

Just in case you don’t recognize the name, James Holmes is the guy who shot up the movie theater in Colorado Friday. His act goes a way toward revealing a couple of American fallacies.

One of the results of his murderous spree  is the howling from the juvenile fantasists comprising the gun culture in the United States, particularly those like Russell Pearce, the state Senator in Arizona, who claim that a) it was the victims’ fault for not stopping Holmes, and b) if everybody were armed in society this sort of thing wouldn’t happen.

As for a) Russell Pearce would probably have crapped his pants if he’d been in the theater. He’s a loudmouthed, ignorant bigot who authored Arizona’s Latino Bigotry Act.

As for b) if everyone in that theater had been armed, including of course the little six-year-old who was killed, then James Holmes would not have had to shoot anybody. All he would have had to do was pop a couple of smoke bombs, fire a few shots into the ceiling, and walk away. Then all the armed jackasses could have committed a greater slaughter than Holmes did by himself. The upside is that there would then be fewer armed jackasses walking around.

Of course the NRA nutcases claim that gun owners are properly trained, take safety courses, and understand when it’s appropriate to use a gun, and so on and so forth ad nauseam. Which is pure bullshit. The only people ‘properly trained’ for high stress panic situations are a few elements of the military, and a few elements of big city police forces. A few hours of NRA bullshit won’t get you through an Aurora situation. More likely you’ll shoot yourself in the foot or you’ll kill innocent people.

Another aspect of the Holmes shootings is that it was frankly a waste of a psychopathic or diseased mind. Holmes planned his attack for months, if the current information circulating in the media is true. He took months to purchase his weapons, his explosives, his armor, and to plan the attack. He put a lot of thought into it, and apparently a lot of skill and planning. But why waste all that intellectual power on a theater full of people who didn’t matter outside their sphere of family and friends? With some more work and planning he could have done the world some good: he could have taken out some dangerous politicians in the Senate or House, or even in some state legislatures, some sellout Supreme Court justices, the Pope, or at least some archbishops, or some of those fundogelical bigot preachers, or at the very least some known animal or child abusers. But no, he had to waste all that effort on powerless people who were only out to have a good time at the movies. Hell, if you’re going to commit some serious killings, at least make it matter. But what can you expect from a crazy person? (Crazy in this instance defined by the act, since we don’t know if Holmes is in fact insane.)

And speaking of fallacy and crazy, how about all the religious nonsense surrounding this event? All those people out there whose piety and love of some god or other that the media is showcasing. Right now the ‘public’ is wallowing in religion, many thanking god or whoever that so many were spared from the ‘evil’. God is good, god is great, blah blah blah. Well where the fuck was god during the several months that his creature James Holmes was assembling his arsenal, buying his ammunition and explosives, buying his body armor, and making his plans for the murders? The only answer the religious zombies can come up with is ‘It’s part of god’s plan’ or something similarly vapid and mindless. Religious people are delusional or stupid or both, often both. But that’s all we hear and read now about the incident. All the religious hokey pokey from a citizenry that worships celebrity, prefers mind-numbing television to active mental pursuits, bows down to money in the belief that it confers special powers, and ignores the facts of reality. Some twenty percent of Americans believe the sun revolves around the earth. Over half believe a god created the world and that evolution is false. These morons put plenty of energy into protesting gay marriage and virtually zero energy into understanding and doing something about the global warming that is killing them.

But now we’ll be inundated with religious crap, with preachers going on about ‘evil’ and all the usual religishit about god’s plans as they try to understand why Holmes did what he did. All of that is utter nonsense. Holmes cracked, whether from some emotional pressure or from a psychotic break or physical brain disease. There’s no ‘evil’. There’s just a kid living in a culture that glorifies violence, that worships fame and celebrity, that wallows in ignorance and superstition and is proud of it, that thinks money is the highest value, and that rich and powerful people are demigods and should be given deference. There’s no ‘evil’ here. There’s simply the inevitable effect of a purulent society on unstable minds.

And what are the two most common solutions being passed around society today to deal with the problems of society that lead to the Aurora or to Columbine or the other mass killings?

More guns.

More religion.

Holmes is the logical result of a sick society.



14 Responses

  1. Amen, brother.


  2. God = Droll.


  3. Couldn’t have said it better.


  4. You forgot to mention one particular type of religion response. Or maybe you thought of it and decided not to mention it, which is okay, because I’ve got it covered.”


    • I’ve been waiting for someone to remark on the two pointy bits of his hair, you know, kind reminiscent of debbil horns.


  5. Are you people freaking serious? Mister “GRUMPYLION” is a very ignorant piece of crap. Let me ask you Mr. GL…Have you ever fired a gun? Do you know what a receiver is? A slide? A case? A primer? Any part of the gun other than the trigger and the barrel? You have no idea how dumb you sound, and everybody who follows you and agrees with you is just as ignorant on the subject. Would it be easier to just “let the cops handle it?” When the cops are the only line of defense, you wait even one minute, and that guy has charged his weapon before he came in (if you even know what that means). Tear gas 5 seconds. First shot and wait for an uproar 5 seconds (that’s being generous. 10 seconds go by as people are running towards the exit and between 5 and 20 people have just about made it until he blows off 10 to 20 rounds (yes, that fast). 10 more seconds go by, another 5 to 20 people try to leave as the criminal fires off another 10 rounds, pulls out a handgun and pops another 5 to 10 rounds off. 5 seconds of no rounds being fired as the shooter reloads. In the next 30 seconds the same events take place and the cops arrive at the one minute mark. Whether they catch him or not, well that’s not important…60 or more people are dead or injured. Did it really help anything? That whole shooting could have happened in one minute in the history of time…so where are your cops? Why was he able to do it? What criminal thinks of the law? When it works in their favor. A sign that says, “No Concealed Carry Permitted” would make a law-abiding citizen put their firearm away and leave them unarmed, but a non-law-abiding citizen would look at that exact same sign and say the same? Where is your logic? Where are your statistics? Look at what gun control did to Jews and others killed by the Nazis. Hitler himself said disarming the people was one of the biggest reasons of success. And, it’s not just Hitler, it’s other countries that have established gun control. Only about 50 or so million people died from gun control in the 1900s, but what does history have to do for anything? Oh wait…A LOT!!! So quit blaming people who own guns or who fight for more gun rights for this shooting, because chances are, the citizens would have been able to lessen the casualties if they would have been armed, if not completely ended the chaos before it started. Maybe try shooting and learn that cops have a higher percentage of shooting innocent people by accident than law-abiding citizens with guns do. Try and tell me I’m wrong. There’s more evidence backing what I’ve just said than what you said. And way to manipulate a few followers who just agree with everything you say to have your back on this one. You might work well as a super left side political bastard. Manipulation of the minds of others by using twisted tales of how guns are “BAD” and “SCARY”. If it weren’t for people like you, putting a wrongful fear of firearms into the minds of the American citizens, then we’d be safer. Think before you speak, and if you claim you already do, then I’m sorry to say that your brain isn’t functioning as it should. Maybe the gap was never completely filled when you were an infant. And your atheist views. Maybe it is part of God’s plan. Maybe this is how it was supposed to be. Who are you to question a religion? Who are you or I or anyone in that matter to question God? Explain how the Universe came to be. Where did this all come from? So one day, it just all came out of no where? A big bang? Where did organisms come from. Evolution? What created the first living cell? If the Big Bang Theory were correct, how did that first living thing occur? The big bang couldn’t have created it. Where is the first living thing? Nowhere. Scientists state that something living has to come from something else that’s living. How did the first living thing survive on the one planet that has oxygen. Why are we the only known planet with what we consider living things? Where did the plants come from? They need carbon dioxide which comes from the Kingdom “Anamalia” or animals, yet they also need water. Did that just all come from nothing? What was first? Plants or animals? And how did one live without the other? And if it did, where did it come from. It takes time to grow a plant. So how did they grow? Atheism mocks all religion, yet has the most ridiculous explanations of life. Why isn’t there any species on the other planets in our solar system? And if you want to go to extremes, if you believe aliens came from somewhere else to leave the first living thing on Earth, then how did they come to be? Where did they come from as far as evolution and living cells? Where did it all come from? It all needed something to begin with. How did the plant’s seed get in the soil of the planet? What factors did it use to grow? Where is any of your proof? Ya got nothin’! So, before you go off on guns being “bad” and religion being “absurd” maybe you should look into why you believe what you believe, because it sounds like you believe in nothing and know nothing about what you’re talking about.


    • Yeah, right. A dark theater, smoke, hundreds of people in a panic, and half dozen idiots like you get up and start shooting at something you can’t see and who’s wearing body armor. You’re a bright boy, aren’t you? You’re the kind of jackass that gives gun owners and Christians a reputation for stupidity, if not sheer brainlessness. The only thing you seem to have a clue about is the names of the parts of a firearm. Wow! Impressive. Aside from that you wasted everybody’s time with about five hundred words of arrant nonsense. Next time you go to school pay attention in class.


    • By the way DuVall, regarding Kennesaw, Georgia:

      “When the town’s gun law was passed, about 70 percent of households likely owned a gun, Graydon said. But Atlanta commuters have since swelled the town’s population and gun ownership now is about 50 percent.

      “An amendment to the gun ownership law grants exceptions to convicted felons, conscientious objectors and those who cannot afford a gun. No one has ever been prosecuted for failure to own a firearm, [police lieutenant Craig] Graydon said.

      “The law may deter criminals but proactive policing and close police liaison with community and business groups were the main reasons why crime has stayed low, he said.”

      From Reuters news service

      As for your remarks on atheism and the Big Bang theory, you haven’t a clue what you’re talking about and apparently you are just mouthing whatever nonsense your religion has poisoned you with. You obviously know nothing about cosmological theory, about physics, apparently about anything that has to do with science.

      And yes I have blocked you from commenting because you are ignorant and crude and ill-informed and engage in personal insult. And by the way, Hilary Clinton does not have a cock, as you seem to believe in your other deleted comment: you might want to research that.


  6. Grats, Ric, you have a troll!


    • Nah, I’m done with him. He sent another long bloviating comment with trollish insults and more stupidity. Waste of time and breath. 🙄

      But thanks for noticing.


  7. I honestly did not think there were so many self inflated narcisistic petty peices of crap in the word. My home was broken into a few months ago, and yes i did defend that which was mine (that i work very hard for) with a fire arm. During the court hearing it came to light that the burgler was planning on raping my wife. He thought that I was not home. Pity that I crippled him for life defending my wife’s honor isnt it? But what do I know? Apperently Guns Are EVIL.


  8. I feel that I should make 2 admisions. The first being that this is an extreme case, and I would like some input from both sides of this discussion. the second being in my defence I am quite small in stature, wheighing only 130lbs soaking wet, and at a height of 5ft 3 I feel the need to equalize myself in confrontations.


  9. That faggot, yes faggot, is nothing but a parasitical bigot. He is a loud ignorant example of disease. His sufferings from this point forward are necessary. I understand you are upset with the world, but watch what the fuck you say. I suggest you do some research into mental health and the true loose ends of it. There are egotistically driven schizophrenics out there who want nothing more than a name. Yes this crumb is in a sense a victim of the times, but he also seems well aware of his situation, and thus deserves death.


    • “Watch what the fuck I say”? Okay, watch this: Take your fucking tiny little mind and shove it up your ass, you ignorant bloviating jackass.


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