Why Your Life Sucks As Your Country Goes Down The Tubes

Wanna see the truth about your politicians? One of the truths anyway. The truth about why you have no voice, why they don’t hear your voice, why your life/job/finances/economy pretty much sucks. Take a look at the Upworthy site.


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  1. Justice Kennedy, writing for the majority in the Citizens United case, began the opinion with the obsesrvation that access to the mass media audience is essential in today’s America for the exercise of free speech under the First Amendment. That was not based on any evidence presented at a trial in the lower court but was instead an example of what lawyers call “judicial notice” where the court takes common knowledge into account as the basis for a legal ruling.

    The GOP-appointed reactionary majority then went on to rule that corporations are “persons” within the meaning of the Bill of Rights and therefore they have the right to exercise “free speech” by spending billions of dollars on radio and television ads to influence elections. This has gotten the concerned attention of many real persons here in Ameica, including those who consider themelves to be “conservative” as well as us progressives and liberals.

    Meanwhile, the corporations have continued to exercise their First Amendment right as “”people” to “petition the government for a redress of grievances” by buying off political hacks like Boehner in both parties. Viz, Boehner’s “racing suit” emblazoned with corporate logos.

    The most important thing We the People can do over the next year or so is to push for a national vote to amend the Constitution with an express provision that only natural born persons have Constitutional rights, not fictional “persons” like corporations or trusts, and both Congress and the states can place reasonable limits on spending to influence elections.

    The corporations, of course, will be spending billions under the current laws to defeat such an amendment, but we have to try. Then, if successful, we will have to demand that all candidates make full disclosure of the corporations, PACs and individuals who give them money. We will also need laws requiring that PACs make their membership rolls, officers and directors public information.


    • Richie:

      If corporations are considered people, can they be prosecuted and convicted of crimes against real ‘people’? For example, the tobacco companies knowingly manufactured and sold a product they knew to be deadly, and lied to Congress about it. Civil actions have been won against them. Can they, as people, now be held criminally responsible? I use them as a particularly egregious and known example. But can any corporation be prosecuted under the laws that apply to us ‘real people’? If so, might that provide an avenue to attack the Citizens United decision? If a corporation is knowingly responsible for killing someone, can the corporation be put to ‘death’?


  2. Well, Rick, I have it on good authority that the Mormon Church has already baptised several hundred defunct corporations. And they are about to issue a condemnation of corporate mergers between two companies in the same business.

    Personally, I think the most appropriate way to deal with major polluters is to tax and fine them to “death,” i.e. into bankruptcy, and put the diretors and management in jail. But what does it matter what I think since I can’t buy several million dollars of air time on network television?


    • But as ‘people’ are they now, since the CU decision, subject to the same laws as we are? And if so which would take primacy, human law or corporate law? Serious question.


      • This may sound flippant, but in all seriousness corporations are now subject to the same laws their billions of dollars can buy, to be interpreted by the best judges their billions can buy.

        “Corporate law” is fast becoming an oxymoron as deregulation continues to run amok at all levels of government. It’s like the old “law of the West” based on the six gun, but now it’s based on billions of dollars to buy the public off through mass media access and billions more funneled through K Street to buy Congress.


        • No, that doesn’t sound flippant. Unfortunately it sounds accurate.


  3. That should be legal attire for a politician….ALL politicians!


    • Yeah, but they have to pay for it out of their own bribes instead of from taxpayer funded salaries.


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