Musings on Murder and Contempt

The Drone Murders

The Pakistanis make much of the fact that the United States is sending military drone aircraft into its airspace to kill Pakistanis, including women and children who inconveniently happen to get in the way of Obama’s murderous toys.

The Pakistanis bluster and complain and threaten, but they don’t do the one thing any rational government might do. Shoot the damn things down.

Pakistan has an air force. It has radar. It has air defense. It has missiles. The drones are military aircraft of a foreign nation invading Pakistani airspace and killing civilians. Drones are not the most nimble or speedy craft. Start shooting them down. Yemen, similarly besieged by the D.C. killers, should take similar action.

Otherwise some among us might be tempted to think that these countries enjoy being the killing ground for the primary terrorist state in the world today.

Contempt of Congress?

How amusing is it that a committee of Congress has decided to hold the Attorney General in contempt of Congress?

That would be a House Committee chaired by one of the uglier Republican partisans, Darrell Issa. The short version is that he and his treacherous friends have decided to attack the Presidency for doing pretty much the same thing the last Republican President did. To add to their hypocrisy, it was their Attorney General under that last Republican President who corrupted the entire Department of Justice, but Issa and his crew of thugs (that would comprise the entire Republican Party as it commits a street mugging of American democracy in broad daylight) had nothing to say about Republican corruption of the Justice Department.

But the amusing thing is that any committee of Congress would hold anyone in contempt of Congress.

Some eighty percent of Americans hold Congress in contempt of the American people.

I’d go further and say Congress is in contempt of the American people, the Constitution, the laws of the country, international law, and reason itself.

These people should be running for the hills and hiding under rocks. Unfortunately the people who sent them to Washington are not smart enough to chase them out. In the end there’s just plenty of contempt all around and hardly a bit of functioning brain matter in American politics, especially the Washington version of politics.



4 Responses

  1. Drone warfare is inhuman by definition, while sending young men overseas to kill the “enemy” with civilian men, women and children being killed as “collateral damage” is only rhetorically inhuman.

    You’re right to question why the Pakistanis don’t just shoot the drones down, as they surely would an invading force of ground troops, but that would only cost the U.S. a few billion dollars as opposed to several hundred or thousands of young American lives.

    That, in turn, would only benefit the corporate defense industry that profits from our overseas wars, along with the petroleum and gas industries, where our middle class tax dollars would be used to purchase more drones to replace the ones they shot down. So why should the Pakistanis bother?

    Meanwhile, with a war fought by drones, who will future generations honor on
    Memorial Day? Those brave young “drones” who were shot down and destroyed in Pakistan or wherever? Or will it be those heroic techies sitting in some quiet room, safe from all enemy fire, steering the drones to destroy enemy targets?

    Count Harry Kessler remarked that mankind will be condemned to incur the horrors of war in perpetuity as long as there is no romance of peace to outweigh the romance of war. But with drones, it just might happen when all the romance, the heroism, the patriotic sacrifice, blah, blah, blah is taken out of warfare entirely.


    • I just can’t wait until one of those drones sitting at a video console in Nebraska or Kansas or wherever is granted the Medal of Honor.


  2. If the Holder thing is a success….I would wager that a campaign ad would soon follow…any takers?


    • I’d give odds that there’ll be a campaign ad anyway. The outcome doesn’t matter. The Republiscum will just twist the facts and lie anyway.


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