Christians Teaching Bigotry, Hatred, and Murder To Children in Public Schools–Your Children

In after-school ‘religious clubs’ Christian evangelists are teaching children how to be good little killers of unbelievers.

Literally. No metaphor, no figurative intent.

From an article in Daily Kos:

Paraphrasing the Old Testament scripture I Samuel 15:2-3, the Child Evangelism Fellowship’s new lesson plan teaches, "You are to go and completely destroy the Amalekites (AM-uh-leck-ites) – people, animals, every living thing. Nothing shall be left." The manual then instructs the teacher to tell students, "That was pretty clear, wasn’t it?" Stewart continues,

"Even more important, the Good News Club wants the children to know, the Amalakites were targeted for destruction on account of their religion, or lack of it. The instruction manual reads:

"The Amalekites had heard about Israel’s true and living God many years before, but they refused to believe in him. The Amalekites refused to believe in God and God had promised punishment."

The instruction manual goes on to champion obedience in all things. In fact, pretty much every lesson that the Good News Club gives involves reminding children that they must, at all costs, obey. If God tells you to kill nonbelievers, he really wants you to kill them all. No questions asked, no exceptions allowed."

Stewart emphasizes, it doesn’t stop there. As I Samuel describes, Saul was not fully compliant with God’s orders to kill every last one of the Amalekites and their livestock – he let the king and some of the animals live. The lesson repeatedly hammers the point to students that Saul did not pass the "test" of obedience to God’s word.

The Kos article takes off from the work of Katharine Stewart, writing in The Guardian, quoted above. (Interesting we have to hear this from a British newspaper.)

These are the people who will tell you about the peace and love of their religion, and if you don’t believe them they will beat you until you do or just flat out kill you. Or have one of their children do it. Or have your child do it.

There is no moral distance between what Christians are doing and what warlords in Africa are doing when they kidnap and indoctrinate children to murder, to hack off limbs, to kill indiscriminately.

There is no moral distance between what Christians are doing and what the Taliban is doing, what Islamic fundamentalists are doing, what murderous thugs around the world are doing.

And if these perverts gain political power in this country, they will create a hell on earth that makes Hitler and his legions look like saints. Lest you forget, Hitler and his legions were Christians to the core.

Christianity is a moral sewer of lies and hypocrisy and willful delusion. Any religion that breeds the psychotic sickness that Stewart writes about is a moral sewer, and all religions breed this foulness, this moral stench, this bloody, putrid stain on the heart.

And when some Christian says that it’s just a small minority, that they don’t really represent Christianity, ask them what they are doing to stop their brethren from indoctrinating children into murder and hatred. And when they mumble some defensive bullcrap, which they will, spit right in their face.

The disgusting perverts of the Child Evangelism Fellowship and the New Apostolic Reformation represent the logical outcome of Christian doctrines. (Sarah Palin is one of these cretins.) They have one goal and that is to bring this country down into their moral sewer, to turn the United States into a mindless, murderous, hate-filled theocracy. Pol Pot and his ideological killers had their torture prisons and death camps, and the Christians will create the same in the United States, and wherever else they spread their stench.

And right now they are spreading their moral stink, their emotional evil, their mental sickness in your public schools, among your children, with the blessing of the United States Supreme Court, and the blessing of every Christian who does not act against these hell-filled teachings of their brethren.

Are they active in your schools? Do you want to find out?

Or maybe you should wait until your child comes into your bedroom spouting Biblestink and wielding a machete.


13 Responses

  1. And they condemn Muslim extremism….funny how all that works, huh?


    • What’s the phrase… condemned out of their own mouths.


  2. These types are as worthless as tits on a boar……


  3. Hitler was a Christian. Hitler killed Christians. A Christian named Dietrich Bonhoeffer tried to kill Hitler. Hitler threw Dietrich Bonhoeffer into prison where he eventually died.

    Maybe Hitler did claim to be a Christian. What we see in the above example is that in any social group or institution there are good and evil men.

    To condemn an institution as evil simply because it contains evil men is a falacy.

    The institution or organization must be judged seperately. Does it create evil men, or have evil men twisted and usurped it for evil means.

    You can draw your own conclusions.

    What I can say is that we are all never so good and righteous as we think, and too often the oppressed become the oppressors when given the chance, proving they were no better than those they hated most.

    Given the chance, how would you treat those you hate the most? Any differently than you think they would treat you?


    • Seeing as how “institutions” are merely collections of people , it’s disingenuous to distinguish between the two just to give the “institution” a free pass. Institutions are not separate entities – they may be legally incorporated and given identities, but that’s merely a legal, documentary distinction. If there aren’t people acting on behalf of the institution it’s merely a paper phantom.

      It doesn’t matter whether the institution creates evil people, or evil people create the institution – the people are acting on behalf of themselves and the institution. If they are behaving badly, then both the institution and the people who comprise the institution are in the wrong.


      • It is true that people create institutions, and that institutions are dynamic things. However, I think you would be hardpressed to prove that individuals and institutions are inseperable. Experience teaches us quite the opposite.


        • Since institutions are comprised of many people, it is possible for people in one part of an institution to oppose people in another section of the institution. Internal conflicts, power struggles, etc., happen all the time within groups. Ric raised an important question about internal institutional dynamics that should not be glossed over:

          And when some Christian says that it’s just a small minority, that they don’t really represent Christianity, ask them what they are doing to stop their brethren from indoctrinating children into murder and hatred.

          Institutions bear some measure of responsibility for the way their members behave, particularly when those individuals are official agents of the institution, or when they are acting on behalf of the institution. Thus, when Catholic priests raped children, did the Church hierarchy act responsibly when they found out about the rapes? If not, then they are not only culpable for acts that occurred after they knew there were problems, they are also culpable for their own behavior in hiding the abuses for as long as they did, and they are still culpable because they still have not taken adequate action to address the wrongs done by their representatives. Add to this the woefully inadequate response of the Christian church at large to the rot within the Catholic system, and within its own (its not as if Orthodox or evangelical or other Christian branches haven’t had problems in this area), and one can’t help wondering how rotten the entire institutional edifice is.

          I agree that within any institution, some people will be good and some won’t be. That doesn’t absolve the good ones of responsibility for dealing with evil within its ranks. If anything, the good should be eager to deal with evil within because it reflects poorly on the whole institution. When the good people choose to distance themselves from evildoers within, to cry, “they’re not really part of us” and rather than to deal with internal evil, or, as the Church did in the priestly rape cases, to cover over the problem and pretend it didn’t exist, then they become part of the problem, part of the evil that drags their entire institution into the moral mud.


          • I don’t think I can disagree with the basic point you are making here, but I think it’s important to return to the main thrust of the original post, which is…,

            Some Christians have committed evil,
            Therefore all Christians are evil.

            It is quite a task indeed to evaluate the good or bad of an institution comprised of trillions of people over the span of thousands of years. But it is certainly naive and narrow-minded to point to a handful of Christians from the 21st century and promptly declare that, thus, all of Christianity is bad.

            Christians throughout history have done great and terrible things. It is at times hard to understand how one institution could produce such extremes. We must be honest enough to admit that all the followers of Christianity throughout it’s entire history cannot be so easily lumped together into one single identity. But that is exactly what the original post has attempted to do, and that for the sake of condemning every Christian for the actions of some.

            That being said, I would certainly not agree that evil Christians are the minority. In fact, that is the whole point of Christianity; namely, that we are all evil, and in need of something to remedy that. The fact that some Christians, after having understood and accepted Christ as that remedy, still continue to do what is wrong, is deplorable, and certainly not the minority. But we must also consider; who follows perfectly everything they believe? So we see that we are all in need of a whole lot more grace, and a whole lot less judgement. And that, I believe, was the point of my original response.

            The Church is a messed up institution, full of messed up people, claiming Christ as their only hope in overcoming such a pitiful state. The Church is also a powerful and controling social structure which many, having no interest in Christ at all, have used for their own means and ends. I admit, it is often hard to distinguish between the two, but the two exist never-the-less. Even Christ himself recognized this and fought against it, and so should we.


  4. They’ve also got karate schools where they teach kids to “kick a commie for Christ” and “jab a Jew for Je-sus-uh!” They tell the kids what Jesus said in
    John 3:16 about turning the other cheek really means the gotta moon everyone who doesn’t believe in the Bible according to right-wing Republicanism.


    • Damn! Still kicking commies, eh? I knew they were out of touch with reality.


  5. “Lest you forget, Hitler and his legions were Christians to the core.”

    Yep. Christian and Socialist too.


    • “In April, 1920, Hitler advocated that the party should change its name to the National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP). Hitler had always been hostile to socialist ideas, especially those that involved racial or sexual equality. However, socialism was a popular political philosophy in Germany after the First World War. This was reflected in the growth in the German Social Democrat Party (SDP), the largest political party in Germany.”


      • That’s definitive then. All that seizing of privately-owned assets, nationalising and centralising was just a big smokescreen for his nasty free market master plan.

        And where does it mention racial and sexual liberty in Das Kapital?

        Can you cope with concept that perhaps the traditional right and the left are both after the same thing; control over others, they just justify it to themselves differently?


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