What the Right Really Believes…

What follows is the complete text of an email I received recently.

This really is priceless!!

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away"


The Fire Chief Said…

For those who understand, no explanation is needed.
For those who do not understand, no explanation is possible.
Not fair to make judgment of this, until you see what the Fire Chief says!!!!

In South Los Angeles , a 4-plex home was destroyed by a fire.

A Mexican family of six, all welfare recipients and gang members,
Lived on the first floor, they died.

An Islamic group of seven welfare cheats,
All illegally in the country from Kenya , lived on the second floor,
And they, too, all perished in the fire.

6 LA, Hispanic, Gang Bangers, & ex-cons,
Lived on the 3rd floor and they, too, died.

A lone, white couple lived on the top floor.
The couple survived the fire.

Jesse Jackson, John Burris and Al Sharpton were furious!!
They flew into LA and met with the fire chief, on camera.
They loudly demanded to know,
Why the Blacks, Black Muslims and Hispanics,
All died in the fire and why only the White couple lived?

The Fire Chief said,
"They were at work"

This has just got to keep on circulating… it’s too good…

This is how the right wing thinks. This is Tea Party. This is Republican conservatism. This is the heart of the modern Republican party.

Nineteen people burned to death in a house fire. None of them were white. The white people survived because they were at work.

Nineteen people burned to death.

And that’s funny. Because they weren’t white. Because their lives were different. Because they were, what, morally defective?

But the white couple? Apparently very virtuous. They were at work, of some kind.

This is virulently racist stereotyping. It’s the sort of thing that serves to confirm the beliefs of the shallow ‘thinkers’ on the right.

It’s the sort of thing that leads to concentration camps and furnaces, all run by the ‘right people’, the good people, the moral people, the people who think it funny that nineteen people burned to death in a house fire.

And it is the sort of thing that appears to be very popular on the right. The party of Boehner. Of Palin. Of Kantor. Of the Koch brothers. Of Romney. Of Limbaugh and Hannity. Of fundogelicals. The party of morality and family values.

It is now an American value that people of color burn to death in house fires. That’s a family value today.

And it’s funny. Pricelessly funny.

Isn’t it?


27 Responses

  1. It’s a joke, Ric. A pathetic, mean-spirited, racist joke that is ONLY funny to people who are pathetic, mean-spirited and racist.

    But you already said that, didn’t you?


    • BTW, I get this shit all the time. My funny bone is all tickled out.


      • Kitchy kitchy koo!


    • I believe I did say that, in my own mild, quiet, uncontentious, whispery way.


  2. Great post……I have been a radical for 40 years and have been called everything possible…..my fav was that I am a hippie, pinko fag! And that was made by someone that has never met me….


    • You haven’t lived until some pasty-faced old white guy screws his face up in rage and calls you a pinko commie hippie fag traitor and tries to run you down in his car while you’re marching for an end to a war. Gets the blood running, it does!


      • If they’re trying to run you down with a car, that’ll get more than your blood running… those legs’ll be pumping pretty fast, I’ll bet.


      • Ah! The good old days! Damn I miss them!


  3. Am I a conservative?
    Are you a liberal?
    I am liberal in love, conservative in judgement.
    Tolerant of all people, races, cultures, and religions,
    Discriminatory towards hate, greed, and all forms of oppression.

    If I distinguish myself from those who think differently,
    and hate them just as much as they hate me,
    I may be different in ideology,
    but not at heart.

    To love all,
    even those who hate me,
    is to show a better way for all who use differences as an excuse to hate.


  4. The tag line to the “joke” is missing. The white couple were both working as robo signers, fraudlently signing mortgage assignments for MERS so the Wall Street bankers could foreclose and put several hundred more struggling families out on the street because they couldn’t make payments after Mom and Dad lost their jobs in the crash of 2008. Meanwhile the Wall Street bankers paying the white couple were being bailed out by us taxpayers. Pretty funny, huh?

    Rich Latimer 6/11/12


  5. Right and left are so similar nowadays, they just hate different people.

    Capitalism and Socialism/statism are the real divides in thought from what I can see.

    “All we are saying, is give free markets a chance”.


    • I “hate” the word hate. It’s bandied about so much these days, to describe someone who simply disagrees with you. Hate is reserved for people, for excrement, for evil,. It should not be used to describe differences of opinion.

      I hate Charles Manson for what he did. I disagree with Charles Manson’s personal life style or philosophy, and certainly wouldn’t choose it for myself, or agree with others who chose it. But I don’t hate Charles Manson. I don’t know him.

      I might hate the murderer of my child, but I’ve never been in that position, hope I never will, but at the moment I don’t know. Hate has a way of doing more harm to the hater, than the hated.

      And on free markets, I thought it was a fairly well accepted economic axiom that totally free market economies don’t work. Ultimately, wealth gets aggregated in those few who find ways to control the markets, and the economic and social divide spread further apart, to the detriment of those who have no control, and to the benefit of those who do. We have always had to have some state control of the markets even under a capitalistic economy. Anti-Trust controls, for instance, are necessary, or you’ll have robber barons creating company towns and stores like we had in the latter half of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries. We have to use a light hand, but some hand needs to be on the switch.


      • Did it take you very long to realise that inventing a premise and then disproving it is far more satisfying than arguing with logic?

        Which of us offered 100% free markets as a solution to anything in this conversation?

        If you think that the age of robber barons is in the past, what are your thoughts on the record numbers of US citizens living on food stamps currently? Is your conclusion that this is a failure of the free market or a failure to allow it exist?

        Are handouts to banks that have made bad investments are good decision or bad? Ditto heavy industry, unable to compete with lower foreign wages? Was this the free market at work?


  6. typical liberal word twisting. the only thing amusing about this “joke” was that sharpton and jackson were in a tizzy that only the white people survived. those two have taken the wrong side in situations many many times…only to find out that the white people were being falsely accused by black charlatans. the left gives this kind of garbage behavior a free pass, though. I’m not sure why, but they seem to feel guilty…maybe because they earn money through unproductive occupations (academia, journalism, government work)?
    by the way, LEFTIST ideology, has been responsible for the “furnaces” and “concentration camps”, not free-market, American constitutionalism. Mao, pol pot, Stalin, Lenin, hitler were all communists ( liberals. leftists, like yourself, mr grumpy)…very very different from the tea party folks. atheist communists have been responsible for the vast majority of genocide of the 20th century. our current president would like nothing more than to kill all the opposition, trample the constitution, and be our dictator. it is how communism works. human nature and communism are diametrically opposed, so the only way to make it “work” is to eliminate the opposition and get rid of all personal freedom. name me ONE communist government that has harbored a free society! you cannot.
    YOU and like-minded liberals, grumpy lion, are the dangerous ones.


    • Wow, Bink, it’s been a while since I’ve been visited by someone as ignorant as you. Just on Hitler alone you demonstrate conclusively that you haven’t a fucking clue what you’re talking about. Why don’t you just run on back to your radio and get some more Limbaugh and Beck shoved up your ass, ’cause you wouldn’t want to run out of stupid. When you grow up you might want to go to your public library’s history section and read some actual history instead of the bullshit you’re sucking up and spewing out now.


      • It’s funny how conservatives, primarily Republicans, are so against education. The cut the teachers, and the ones that remain, cut their salaries, pensions and ability to unionize. Then, make sure that what they teach has no basis in reality, by insisting on Biblical educations. They deny science.

        And then they produce idiots like Bink.


        • And they want us to be just as stupid as he is and as they are, stupider actually, because they really really need someone to look down on so they can feel better about themselves and their stupidity.


          • I wonder if he’s British?


  7. thanks for setting me straight, ric.
    your swearing and name-calling has confirmed your lack of any substance. instead of asking me to visit the history section, how about citing a reference? if you disagree with my points, you should debate them. calling me “stupider” is not convincing.
    Spanish inquisitor’s reply is equally vapid. I will refrain from any further posts on this site. you can wallow in your own sea of crass retardation. If either of you are older than 12, your intellect is embarrassing.


    • If either of you are older than 12, your intellect is embarrassing.

      …said the 12 year old with time on his hands.


      • I suspect he doesn’t know how to read a watch yet.


    • You didn’t have any points to debate. All you had was a lot of fourth hand spew, lacking facts, lacking intelligence, lacking thought. And since I made it clear that you had no clue about Hitler, that should have given you a clue about where to start looking in the library for facts, since you sure as hell haven’t got any to start with.

      Glad to hear you won’t be posting here again. Saves me the trouble of blocking you.


  8. I received this email “joke” too. I found it offensive. I also found offensive some of the posts on this page. As long as we engage in name calling, we will not find answers. The reality is that we do have people taking advantage of the system. Some are poor and ethnic, some are white and wealthy and powerful. Some are black and powerful. Some are Hispanic and powerful. We should shine light on those who misuse the public trust, rather than squabble among ourselves. Those in power that abuse it thrive on our conflict. Liberals, conservatives, and libertarians need to find common ground and stop those that would divide us. It is time to ignore petty rhetoric and silly emails and work together to find real solutions.


    • Here’s the thing, Dave. I don’t like name calling either, but you need to define and point out the name calling here, because sometimes what people see as “name-calling” is not, it is simply pointing out the illogical and bad thinking behind the assertions. People don’t like to be told they’re “stupid” or “moronic”. I get that. So If Ric or I call them stupid, it’s not because we know them so well, that we are entitled to voice an opinion on the intelligence level. It’s because what they say in the limit space of a comment is stupid, demonstrably stupid, so the “name calling ” is not personal, it’s directed at the comment, not the commentator. That is actually so obvious I don’t see why it’s ever brought up, other than as deflection from the argument at hand.

      In short, if you don’t like having the “names” of “stupid” and “moronic” attached to you, don’t say stupid or moronic things, as BINK did above.

      Now, as to this:

      The reality is that we do have people taking advantage of the system. …We should shine light on those who misuse the public trust, rather than squabble among ourselves. Those in power that abuse it thrive on our conflict.

      If you come here often, you know that Ric does exactly that. He shines a light on those that abuse the system. But he doesn’t focus on the poor, the minorities, the unlucky, the disenfranchised, the ones with no opportunities who simply are trying to survive in a dog-eat-dog world that is a by product of capitalism. He focuses on the wealthy, the powerful and the connected who use their positions to do exactly what we should be shining a light on – misusing the public trust to gain more power and wealth at the expense of the poor blighters who might snatch a morsel from the public larder on occasion to help make ends meet, on the assumption that if there wasn’t such theft and abuse on such a grand scale by the 1% who benefit from it, the other 99% might not feel the need to abuse the trust on such a miniscule scale.


      • Well… I take issue with calling Republicans racist. This tasteless joke does not in any way represent mainstream conservatives. Generally they are hard working families that you don’t hear too much from because they are quietly caring for their families and communities. I know because I have voted Republican all my life, since I was old enough in 1977. I don’t agree with many things the visible and vocal Republican fringe say, just as I don’t agree with much of what the visible and vocal progressive fringe says. What disturbs me is that the rhetoric and policy is driven by these fringe elements, and many people are beginning to believe that is the norm. I insist that it is not. Democratic voters, for the most, part differ from their conservative counterparts mostly because they ascribe to a different kind of blame schema, a different system of dislikes, likes, and leaders. Both parties are responsible for the current state of affairs, and it is high time we stopped calling names and got down to the business of putting our house in order.


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