End The Bloodshed in Syria: Kill Assad

Bashar al Assad in Syria killed some ninety people in the town of Hula yesterday or Friday. Thirty-two were children. Assad claims he was acting against ‘armed terrorist groups’, his standard justification for his mass murders. Pictures of dead children, their heads split open, name Assad for what he is.

The world wrings its hands and asks him to stop using heavy weapons in civilian areas. There are calls for the United Nations Security Council to meet and condemn the action. The United States wants Russia to help ‘ease’ Assad from power.

Ease Assad from power?

The man is a liar, a psychopathic mass murderer, a piece of moral scum no decent human being would have in his home. He murders children, not as ‘collateral damage’ but as policy.

And analysts and government spokesmen in the West bemoan that there is no easy solution to the situation. It’s too complicated, they say. Our hands are tied, they say. Israel is too close to Syria, they say. Alawite Christians are involved, they say. The Syrian army is too strong, they say. Our actions might precipitate civil war, they say. So they let it go on and make mewling noises about what a terrible thing it is that the Syrian government is slaughtering its own people, that Syrian soldiers, under the command of Assad, are splitting open the heads of children.

You cannot negotiate with an animal like Assad. His father was an amoral animal. His brother is an amoral animal. Both have bred spawn.

There is only one way to end Assad’s murderous rampage. Kill him. Kill his wife. Kill his children. Kill his brother. Kill his brother’s children. Kill the entire Assad family.

Meet savagery with savagery. Hunt them with SEAL teams. Send cruise missiles into their mansions and palaces and homes. Hound them until they are hiding in caves and then fire the caves with napalm.

But before you do that, take Bashar al Assad aside in one of those fancy rooms where diplomats and politicians decide how many of what kind of anonymous people they will arrange the deaths of and tell him he has two hours to withdraw his forces to barracks. At the end of the two hours, if he refuses, tell him there is no place on earth he, his wife, his children, his relatives, can hide. Tell him they will all be hunted down and killed. The legacy of Assad will be… exactly nothing. The blood of the Assad line will water the desert and disappear forever.

And then do it. No matter if he stops the attacks on the Syrian people. Kill him and his no matter what. Such people can not be tolerated any longer. Not in the Middle East. Not in Africa. Not in Asia. Not in Europe. Not in South America. Not in North America. Not in the United States.

Of course none of that will happen. Assad will continue on his merry, bloody way knowing the countries that could stop him haven’t got the balls to do it. He knows they will continue to wring their hands and say bad things about him, but will do nothing. The response of sanctions is simply a joke. They don’t affect him and his in any serious way and he doesn’t give a damn about what the sanctions visit on the Syrian people. He knows, in that clear-sighted way that psychopaths know things, that he will never be called to account for the blood on his hands.

When you look into the abyss of human nature, when you look into the darkest, ugliest places, the depths of what we are, you will see Assad grinning back at you.


5 Responses

  1. I’m English, so I’m usually good at spotting satire and sarcasm. However, I’m not sure about this blog post.

    My instinct is that you’re not serious and that, really, you’re just kidding about killing someone’s children just because their father is a genocidal psychopath. Rule of law?

    Can you put little winking smileys in your posts in future so we know when you’re making a joke, please?


    • Jeez, T, if you need little winking smileys you probably shouldn’t be reading my posts.

      As far as Assad and his family go, I’m not proposing doing anything that he isn’t doing. Seems fair. Very Biblical even. Apply Assad’s law to Assad. The alternative is to simply let him go on slaughtering Syrians, and the hand-wringing nations are apparently content to let that continue – at least that’s what their actions indicate.

      If you want fair and balanced posts, if you want intellectual balance, and so forth and so on, you won’t find it here often. I generally express anger, rage, and contempt, leavened with other stuff now and then. I’m old and have little patience with humanity’s stupidities, nor in coddling anyone’s sensibilities.


      • Balance? Nah, it’s your blog, write what you want.

        I’m just pointing a finger at the inconsistency of this post with 3 of the 4 that followed it, where you seemed to be critical to the point of Godwin’s Law of various anonymous villains from the “right” and the Christian faith and Mitt Romney (who’s policies seem so close to Obama’s that I wouldn’t classify as being on the right and his faith leaves me struggling for a classification).

        Yet on this post you seem to be justifying the following;

        – armed intervention in a country you aren’t currently at war with and which poses no obvious threat to you
        – execution, without trial, of several people, including children
        – the ordering of someone else (US Seals) to undertake those executions (of children) on your behalf

        I just think you can’t have it both ways; you can’t call out reactionary bigots and bullies on the one hand while believing its OK to suggest some poor dumb kid with a gun gets sent to Damascus to shoot a child without a legal mandate on the other.

        Your blog, write what you want, but if my comments get published I’ll point a finger at the hypocrisy. 

        First they came for the little Debby Snack Cakes…..


        • Your three dashed statements are precisely what the United States is doing, has done, in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Vietnam, and a variety of Central American countries for lesser reasons than the mass slaughter in Syria. But the U.S. merely says ‘Bad man’ to Assad and does nothing appropriate to the crime. And so the whole of Europe and the West. There’s the hypocrisy. They’ve called him out and he’s thumbed his nose at them repeatedly but they just sit there on the sidelines catcalling. Either act or shut up. Burke, was it – evil happens, good men, nothing, yada yada yada. Of course with the Olympian amount of innocent blood on American hands I’m not seeing it as good men doing nothing. As for sending the poor dumb kid, they’re all ‘volunteers’ now in the American military, though I doubt there would be so many were the economy better. As for a legal mandate, you would appear to be living in another universe where such things matter. They no longer matter in the United States: our fearless leaders make up legal justifications on the fly and then go torture and kill whoever they want, including Americans. Bush did it. Obama does it. The next guy will do it. I’d wager that any American official who claims the U.S. doesn’t torture is either vastly ignorant or a flat-out liar.

          I’m not looking to be consistent from post to post. Things piss me off and I write what I think and feel at the moment. I’m not looking to persuade or to make a rational case. I’m looking to keep my blood pressure down. My villains tend to be over on the right and usually wrong. Yours would appear to be on the left. For the nonce though, a pox on all their houses.


          • Ok, thanks for the clarification, but.

            My villains threaten freedom. Their political education and nomeleclature bothers me less than their actions.

            Have a read of my blog if you’re mildly interested in other opinions. Or don’t. That’s the thing with freedom.

            I’d start with the category “too much government” and skip “The Ashes” altogether as it will make very little sense to a non-British Commonwealth citizen.


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