Tennessee: Where children go to get stupid and reason goes to die

Here’s the latest from the pit of dumbassery and ignorance (one of them anyway – the South seems to have several):


It’s too pathetic to even comment on.


3 Responses

  1. “…it has to create something that umbrella reflects everyone.”

    Do they even speak English?


    • I’m telling ya, Mudge, it’s a foreign country down there. All full of alien immigrants from Europe and places like that. They gots some weird idears, you know, not like real Americans with real beliefs, you know, like that the sun goes around the earth and grandaddy weren’t no ape. Yup, compared to real Americans them folks is purty dumb. Yup yup yup, yup they are.


  2. Sweet Jesus on a popsicle stick, they can’t even tell anyone what specific activities are “gateway” activities! Next thing you know, girls and women will be wearing chastity belts and burkas because the boys and men certainly won’t be expected to take any responsibility for their desires and behaviors. Can we give Tennessee away to another country? Then again, who’d take it?


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