Give your cat a dollar bill to play with. Or a twenty. Or a fifty.

Yesterday my new wok arrived from a company in Phoenix, Arizona. It’s a nice Helen Chen carbon steel wok and I spent the afternoon seasoning it. Later I found a tarantula in the bathroom. I live on Cape Cod.

That’s all.


8 Responses

  1. Better the tub than the bed, eh?


    • Absolutely! Not wanting a tarantula to decide he can keep warm by cuddling up to me. Or one of the cats.


  2. Ric, the only good thing about them is they prefer fruit to meat….little consolation, thou……..


    • I wouldn’t want it to confuse my head with a grapefruit.


      • Does your grapefruit have facial hair or some other un-grapefruit-like characteristics?


        • No but my brain is acidic and I suspect that would apply to the rest of my head.


  3. You should have spent the afternoon seasoning the tarantula.


    • I haven’t reached that point yet. Still got a few dollars in the bank. I have noticed some tasty looking Spring grubs out in the lawn though.

      And may I add…. Ewwwwww!

      On the other hand if the grackles keep cleaning out my bird feeders I may make a nice blackbird pie.


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