The Catspaw Tea Party And The Resurgence Of Ugly America

Didja notice that since the Tea Party gained prominence that the country has gotten not only uglier but absolutely atavistic?

People now are fighting over contraception, women’s rights, abortion, race, and welfare. The ugliness of those fights in the past has been revived to little purpose other than to stir up the ignorant passions of the thoughtless elements of the electorate in order to take their White House back from the uppity nigger who won it fair and square four years ago.

But what can you expect from a party that is nothing more than a catspaw for the the wealthy elites who finance it and who want to rule the United States rather than let the people freely choose their governance?


12 Responses

  1. Have you noticed that the messaging of the GOP would make Stalin proud….you fall in line or you are out! (Maybe not in the same way, but out nonetheless)….


    • It would only be a matter of time before it was the same way, no?


  2. Right on! At least the Dems have people that will not toe the line…like Sanders….we need statesmen not politicians.


    • I suspect that’s only because they can find neither their toes nor the line. Okay, not a serious remark. But yeah, more Sanderses, more commitment to the country instead of their careers.


  3. I doubt it though….the crop coming up now are in it for the prestige not the country…..


  4. I’m not sure about the “prestige.” I can see being in it for power – there’s plenty of that to be had. But, prestige? Not so much. I think Congress is even more unpopular than lawyers right now.


    • Congress mostly is lawyers. Lawyers who think highly of lawyers.


  5. I disagree with most of the Tea Party stuff.

    But (ironically) as a non-voter in your elections, I’d like to know what is the alternative?

    If I could vote and didn’t want a racist, sexually-controlling, war-mongering, big bail-outs to banks sort of government, who would I vote for?

    I quite like what it says in your constitution. Do people read that anymore?


    • Generally people only read those fragments of the Constitution’s text that support their particular paranoia.

      As for who you could vote for vis a vis your list of qualifiers, as a practical matter the Democrats are the best choice of the two viable parties. The Republicans are demonstrably more racist by a long way; the Republicans under Bush called for and implemented the bank bailouts; the Republicans are currently waging what’s called a ‘war on women’, which is essentially about sexually controlling them; and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were begun by Republicans and supported in destructively fiscal ways, and it is the Republicans who are leading the charge for war with Iran. All of which is not to say the Democrats are innocent in all ways, but given what we have here they are the best hope for sanity. Weak tea, I admit.


  6. How many of those freedoms that “W” took away (and, crikey, there were plenty), has Obama given back?

    Oh well, at least that place in Cuba got closed down like he said he would, eh?

    Lobsters in a pot, Ric.


    • Like I said, weak tea. But I believe we do have a better chance of reversing the damage if we minimize the Republicans/Tea Party and give at least qualified support to the Democrats. But do notice that I said ‘chance’, not ‘certainty’. You err if you consider me an ardent Democrat. I’m well aware of Obama’s failures and shortcomings, so snarky remarks about him will find no target here. While I was caught up in the emotions surrounding his victory in 2008, I disabused myself of any notion that he was what many of us thought he was as soon as I saw the tenor of his Cabinet appointments and heard him say he would look forward and not backward as his rationale for excusing the criminal actions of the previous administration (Iraq, torture). Unfortunately the extreme right wing is driving politics and policy here and he has too often decided to bow to them rather than assert a progressive moral and legal stance. One thing does not excuse the other, and he has been profoundly wrong in following that path. But consider in how much worse a condition we and the world would be in if the Republicans had won in 2008: one need only look at what the House has done since 2010 to get an inkling of real darkness. All that said, I am tired of being given only the choice of two evils, one lesser than the other, and may well vote a third party for no other reason than to register a protest and to maintain my personal dignity and integrity. And still, more weak tea.


      • Indeed, look at the people he surrounded himself with to find the reason why the change doesn’t feel much different.

        Hence my point about the constitution and also about capitalism. Why not give that a go? It’s not been tried since 1971, maybe the engine still turns over.

        Also, labels are usual but can obfuscate; I might be considered right wing but I’d surprise you with the things I’m prepared to fight against (racism, for example). Language demonises the “other” too quickly sometimes.

        If true capitalism is right wing, then that’s me, but recall that the Nazis were actually Socialists.


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