Women Are Dirt And Should Be Beaten: New Afghan Law

Yup, after ten years of a senseless war carried on by Americans in Afghanistan to make the place safe for women and democratic politics, the politicians the Americans put in place and that the Americans support with money and guns and blood, much to the detriment of America, have declared that women can be treated like dirt. Legally. No questions asked. (And of course the American White House and the American military won’t ask any questions, because that might amount to criticizing our dear ally – you know, President Karzai, otherwise known as Karzai the Korrupt Beyond Belief American Puppet.)

It says so, right on Hamid Karzai’s website. Women are dirt. Women are crap. Women are the gunk between men’s toes. And Karzai is the president of Afghanistan and he endorsed the new policy in a press conference. It’s official: Women Are Dirt. Karzai and the imams say so. Rejoice, brothers!

This is what all you dead American soldiers died for. This is what you got your brains rattled for. This is what you left your legs and your arms in that misbegotten country for. Oh, and forget al Qaeda, they’ve moved on: they don’t need Afghanistan, haven’t needed it for eleven years. What, you didn’t get the memo? Neither did your bosses in the Pentagon and the White House and the Congress.

Read the story at The Progressive site.


12 Responses

  1. I wasn’t really sure about this. On consulting my Good Book™, I discovered that women are, indeed, both dirt and crap. However the technical term for the stuff between men’s toes is “toe cheese.” If the double X chromosomed among us didn’t wish to be second class citizens, perhaps they shouldn’t have Original Sinned.


    • Dammit! I knew I shouldn’t have opened my email before breakfast.

      And anyway wasn’t that Original Sin thing really a threesome? Or a foursome if you count the snake? Eve ate the apple (some say it was a fig; I suspect a nectarine); Adam, seeing boobs and butt for the first time in his benighted life, got all hormonal and banged Eve, who hadn’t yet heard of the sexual phrase, ‘No you don’t, big boy!’; and God, all-knowing and all-omniscient and all that stuff, knew this was going to happen, so he’s getting his little rocks off watching Adam do Eve and/or vice-versa, which is why it’s called vice. So why are all these religiofundofreaks blaming Evie for everything? God had to know what was going down, even if the two somewhat humans didn’t know how yet, so really the whole thing is God’s fault, which says that he dreamed up the whole scenario for no other reason than to give himself a rationale for abusing and torturing the human race for the rest of whatever time they have left. And now that they may have caught on to God’s game they’ve decided to commit species suicide by destroying themselves and pretty much the rest of God’s creation by raising the temperature to a point that makes the place unlivable so that God won’t be able to torture humans again. At least not this batch. But God didn’t see this coming??? Obviously he must have, according to the fundos: they’ll tell you he knows everything past, present, and future (he no doubt made a fortune playing ponies and parlaying his winnings in the stock market). He knew he’d get tired of messing with us and that he’d kill us off and probably think of creating some other form of life to torture. What a rotten bastard! He’s got to be a Republican, just got to be. He’s got no conscience at all and he obviously hates women, since he talked the whole male half of the species to blame the dames for everything the men do wrong. And the men are so stupid they buy into this crap and treat the women like dirt. (Actually they probably treat dirt better since it’s necessary to create the makings of pizza and beer and provides a footing for football.) God’s a loser, he really is.

      As for the snake, probably just an innocent bystander. Eve almost stepped on him, he hissed, she thought he said something about eating nectarines, and poof, there we go!


  2. I think it was a pomegranate! Nice sight I will return….


    • But apples are so American!


      • So true…….and of course we could go into Adam’s first wife…Lilith…but that would make the whole apple thingy a moot point….


        • That philanderer! I bet he never even bothered with a divorce! Hell, I bet Evie found out about that and ate the applomogranate out of spite and revenge. Good girl, Evie!


  3. Women do not do things for spite, do they? (he asked knowingly)…wink wink


    • Nah. They go right for vengeance.


  4. Is this the country we are trying to save from itself? what a failure! It cannot BE done!


    • I’ve been saying that for at least years. Think of it, the United States military held at bay for a decade by skinny, underfed little guys wearing baggy cotton clothes and carrying AKs. And the fools in Washington still talk about winning there, and still put forth utterly bogus reasons for spending billions of dollars and thousands of lives on the project.


  5. These are the same people that held the Reds at bay for 10 years and there were NO rules of engagement with them….and yet we have a better idea…..that is arrogance and stupidity rolled into one policy.


  6. Look up BPD, or Borderline Personality Disorder in the DSM-IV Psychiatry Text. Now evaluate most Western Feminists & the psychotic family laws & divorce cases. Note what it says about lack of boundaries (minding their own business, perpetually sticking their noses into other peoples business).

    The cultures of the middle east are not your concern. USAs foreign policy is borderline. A great many western women would benefit from a good thrashing, simply to shut them up & bring their delusions of the world & humanity back to reality. Don’t like these neighbors? Erect a big fence, but please stay off their lawn.


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