Want Some Truth About Afghanistan? Read Ann Jones.

Ann Jones knows more about Afghanistan than any of the  fools in American politics and the American military and the  American White House.

Read her commentary on the latest goings on, and get a good history lesson too, over at Common Dreams.

And then consider that the same American politicians and American military who have spent eleven years learning nothing about Afghanistan other than how to kill women, children, and  farmers, now want to go to Iran to perform the same ceremonies of ignorance and blood.

And isn’t it ironic that modern day Iran can easily be considered a creation of American policy?

Stupid is as stupid does.


5 Responses

  1. I like the term, “can’t fix stupid”! LOL


    • I stole that from one of those redneck standup comedians. I forget which one, but he did a routine under the title “You can’t fix stupid.”


      • Ron White. i have a plaque over my desk that says it…..keeps my perspective…

        Would you mind if I added you to my blogroll?


        • Be my guest. I’ll return the favor if I haven’t already.


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