Why America Is Going Down The Tubes…

Everybody’s favorite fat fatheaded drug addict, the bouncing baby-brain of the Republican Tea Party, that wishful wonder who vomits hatred, bigotry, and illogic as easily as the rest of us breathe, has demonstrated once again how and why he’s leading America down into the sewers of irrelevance, ignorance, and genuine, deep, profound stupidity. That would, of course, be Rush Limbaugh, disgusting depraved diva of the right.

The other day a Georgetown University law student named Sandra Fluke testified before a House committee about hormonal contraception and the medical need it serves for purposes other than preventing pregnancy.

Her appearance and testimony followed the perversion of the issue by Rep. Darrell Issa, who held a hearing on President Obama’s regulation requiring religious-affiliated entities to provide contraception in their health care plans. Issa and his Republican Tea Party conspirators invited no women to testify and explicitly refused Ms. Fluke from testifying, declaring that the issue was religious liberty and not contraception.

It is rumored, though unconfirmed, that after the hearing Mr. Issa swallowed a Viagra paid for by his taxpayer-funded health insurance policy and banged an intern in the chapel as an expression of his religious liberty.

And here’s what the fat boy, the sucker of microphones, the Pied Idiot of the Republican Ratboys of the Raging Right, had to say about Ms. Fluke:

"What does it say….that she essentially says that she must be paid to have sex. What does that make her? It makes her a slut, right?It makes her a prostitute. She wants to be paid to have sex. She’s having so much sex, she can’t afford the contraception. She wants you and me and the tax payers to pay her to have sex. What does that make us? The pimps."

Ms. Fluke gives honest testimony about an important issue to a Congressional Committee and the best argument, the best reasoning that the bouncing druggie can provide to his legions of brain dead followers is to pervert her testimony and call her a slut.

That’s all he’s got. Name calling. No facts. No thought. No logic. No reason. Just schoolyard name calling. Just ‘nyah nyah nyah slut’.

And for this behavior his corporate advertisers see that he makes tens of millions of dollars a year. For leading the country into a sewer of ignorance, hatred, bigotry, and unfettered stupidity, his sponsors, who apparently do not care for America, do not love the country, are not in the least patriotic, reward him handsomely.

Fat boy sucks up the money he’s paid to act like an idiot. He gets on his knees every day before his golden microphone, opens his mouth, and spews out hatred and sucks in money.

So who’s the real whore?

And what does it say about all his johns – corporations and listeners? Real flag wavers, every last one, waving flags that look like Old Glory, but are made of a tissue of lies and ignorance and greed that disgraces the real flag and shames the nation.

It’s simple. If you listen to Limbaugh, if you take him seriously, if you believe anything he says, you hate the United States of America.


9 Responses

  1. I agree wholehartedly but isn’t it all so repetitious? I would rather focus on the big picture so that when we get our turn I’m ready!


    • Your blog seems to demonstrate Lionly qualities. Welcome to the den. Don’t step in the leftovers. I’m a sloppy eater.


  2. This is how Reps campaign for the Dems. Pretty effective. I would barely know who Rush is without MSNBC showing me all the choice bits of his rants. I don’t believe he believes much at all of what he says. He’s simply an actor with a good, paying gig. Other actors are jealous, no doubt.


    • I think it’s the wrong idea to trivialize what Limbaugh does by calling him an actor, or as Olbermann likes to do, a comedian. He may well be ‘acting’, if you will, but at the end of his shift he doesn’t go home and read books on how to act and on stagecraft. He goes off to collect large speaking fees for spewing the same material on a live audience. He promotes bigotry and hatred and division to an audience that adores bigotry and hatred and division and love being told that they’re right to do so. He stirs large currents in American society and he’s dangerous for doing so in the way he does it: the ravings of the adolescent mind of a narcissistic egotist, but one with power and with no sense of responsibility, personal or social. We can laugh at him and call him names, all well deserved, but we can’t ever forget that he is dangerous.


      • I didn’t mean to trivialize. He’s clearly part of a pretty effective propaganda machine that works on the stupidest 20% or so of the population. He also provides a boogeyman for the Dems who need extremes on the right to show that they’re “doing the best we can”.

        What bugs me is that people talk and write as if they assume he believes what he says, and that the Dem politicians don’t just love having him there as a distraction from their own misdeeds.


        • No question on the propaganda machine’s effectiveness. As for the twenty percent, I’d guess that’s the same twenty percent of Americans who believe the sun goes around the earth.

          But I think we have to assume that he believes what he says. He doesn’t give any indication that he’s just funning. There’s no ha-ha in him, unless when he goes to bed at night and jerks off to thoughts of all the money he’s scamming. When he calls Fluke a slut, he means it. There’s no other way to take that. Actors and comedians act and comede. Limbaugh, not so much.

          As for the Democrat’s misdeeds, I do think that viewed relatively, the Dems are friggin’ saints. (Absent Wiener and the like…) 🙂


          • As several commentators have pointed out, his latest remarks are based on:

            (1) having paid no attention at all to what Fluke said
            (2) an assumption that a woman needs to take more birth control pills, proportional to how much sex she’s having

            Do you really think he (1) never bothered to read anything about Fluke or her story (2) actually believes that?


          • I’m not sure we can assume he didn’t pay attention to what Fluke actually said. We don’t know and I very much doubt that the commentators you refer to know either. Limbaugh is vicious enough that it is easier to convince oneself that he is merely acting or trying to be funny (?!) than it is to face the true foulness he puts out there. His gig is to distort and lie in order to keep the RTP base stirred up and angry and listening to him. He may well have read the whole Fluke story simply to pick out parts he could twist and pervert to his own purposes. Or he may, as you suggest, simply have jumped on a headline somewhere and riffed on it. We don’t know. As for his beliefs about birth control pills and sex, we again don’t know what he really believes.

            My general point is that what matters is what comes out of his broadcasts and into the ears of millions of people who believe he is truthtelling. His motives are, inasmuch as he never tells us what they are other than to have us believe he is speaking truth, irrelevant; the damage he does is relevant.


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