The Lion’s Den… Or Living Room

I’ve been doing some redecorating or  remodeling or just sheer guesswork about colors and such. One result is the living room, redone in all it’s glory.

DSCN0080 (640x480)

And what the hell, here’s the real Lion’s Den, freshly redone with a brandly new bed, where he sleeps and writes and listens to NPR in the middle of the night when he can’t sleep.

DSCN0082 (640x480)

Whaddya think, too many books? I think of it as smart clutter. Or colorful  intellectual snobbery. Or just a comfortable place to sleep. I’ll probably die in this room. Someday.



18 Responses

  1. Why isn’t that cat tied properly to the scratching pole! 😆


    • Did you see the size of him? I’m not telling him he’s supposed to be tied to the scratching pole. He’s twenty-one pounds of “You talking to me?!”


      • I could so take him. 😈


        • Yeah, yeah, sure. Big ‘Bama talk, no walk! He trashed a squirrel last week. Good thing it was a stuffed one. He’d have squashed a real one.


          • Um. You’re in fancy pants Massachusetts where there are fancy beans and fancy roundabouts and a metric shit ton fancy pronunciations. Even your scratch post is fancy.

            Do you know what my cat uses? A wooden damn crate. Even the declawed ones use it. They’re that tough. 😀


            • Gotta be tough to survive Alabama. They can’t get visas to the United States, eh?


  2. I though the phrase was “sometimes the sun even shines on on a dog’s ass.”


    • You looking at my cat’s ass?


  3. Very nice, comrade. Warm, cozy, and I love the books!


    • In the best traditions of the motherland! Or was it the fatherland? The memory goes fuzzy from time to time.


      • I would have been sorely disappointed had there been no bookshelves. If I was the decorator in my house (and I’ve clearly abrogated that responsibility to she-who-must-be-obeyed), there would be no walls – just bookshelves. As it is I have to struggle with SWMBO to get one here, another there…

        Looks cozy Ric. Nice crib.


        • Voldemother lives!!


        • That’s not even half the books showing in the picture. There’s a whole room upstairs, wall to wall books. Plus a couple of bookcases downstairs not showing in the pix. It’s possible that I might be obsessed. Or possessed.


  4. I think it looks comfy. But where are the cat toys?


    • You mean you didn’t trip over any while looking around the photo? 🙂

      Trust me, they’re there!


    • Look on the floor under the red chair…


      • At least your cats put their toys where you won’t trip over them.


        • HA! They’re devious little creatures. I have to walk carefully all the time. Sneaky little buggers. I can hear them laughing in the night as they plot new traps.


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