Meet Frank, Who Lives In My Garden


DSCN0034 (800x600)

That’s Frank, known otherwise among polite people as St. Francis of Assisi.

He used to live in my mother’s bedroom, on top of a dresser, where she draped his arms with her gold chains. I doubt that Frank saw his mission in life was to drape himself in gold and hang out in women’s bedrooms. He was her favorite saint but I never understood her using him as a jewelry stand.

Anyway, she’s gone and I decided that Frank needed to renew his vows and such. His big saintly concept was to love animals, if you recall correctly. So I put him out in the back yard, in the bushes along the fence where cats skulk and rabbits hide and skunks amble and possums root for grubs. Frank’s a homey there.

Every morning when I  step out for a breath of fresh air, or rain, I look at him and say, “Hi Frank. Well, we’ve really screwed up the planet, dude. Enjoy it while you can.” Or words to that effect. Sometimes it’s just, “Hi Frank.” I figure he knows the rest by now.

He never says anything. He just stares up into the sun. I figure he’d rather be blind than look at what we’ve done.


Ah well, better sun and rain than gold chain, Frankie. Right?



6 Responses

  1. Now don’t you feel like running through a field of flowers? I used to love that movie. 🙂 And as a kid I loved St. Francis’ poetry. He was a fave.

    And this one was my very favorite:


  2. Run? Fields of flowers? Surely you forget who you’re talking to!

    They left a line out of the prayer:
    “Where there are Republicans, Democrats”

    You know how times change…


  3. This seems so…Catholic of you. What next? Trans-vaginal ultrasounds?

    It takes me back to Myne Youf when I believed in Old St. Frank. But then, I believed in St. Chris, and then the Church de-sainted him, and I was crushed. I wanted to cross a river and have him carry me (this was before I could drive across bridges). So when they did that to Chris, I thought, who’s next? St. Frank?

    Ah yes, I so love to reminisce.


    • What is that, two vaginas talking to each other in high squeaky voices?

      Anyway, I have to look at this as a victory. I put a religious saint in his place. Maybe I should put a little Pope Gnome out there too. Or a Santorum Gnome.


      • The place for a Santorum gnome is wherever the dog pisses.


        • Dog, hell! I’ll do it myself.


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