Whitney Houston…

…made an old man cry this morning.



8 Responses

  1. Her rendition of that Dolly Parton songs always sends shivers up my spine. Did it again this morning.


    • Praying Mantises don’t have a spine, John.


      • You’re done here, G.


  2. Beautiful, beyond talented, and apparently, with a lot of demons. 😦


  3. Lovely voice, sad life. I was really appalled at the terrible things in the Fox News comments (Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs managed to copy down a sample before they erased the thread).


    • Fortunately I and all my technological devices are wildly allergic to Faux News, Lies, and Distortions. I live for the day that Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch die under the wheels of a bus, not dissimilar to the bus they’ve thrown legitimate journalism under, but with real wheels. I need a good laugh.


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