Why All Politicians Must Pass Psychological And Intelligence Tests To Qualify For Office

Without comment.

Okay, comment… someone please recall this idiot from office. Oh, wait a minute… he’s in Oklahoma, the great American Midwest, where the real Bible crazies live. Next thing you know the citizenry there will be encouraging him to run for the Presidency because he’s so damn smart.

It makes me wonder just how low into the swamp of human stupidity American politics and politicians can sink.


9 Responses

  1. Having lived in both the midwest and the south, it’s hard to pinpoint where the craziest crazies live, but I give the nod to the south.


  2. One might also contend that Oklahoma is in both the midwest and the south. It gets the best (or, in this case, the worst) of both worlds, so to speak.


    • And it has Inhofe!!


  3. I think it’s great that he specifically proscribe aborted fetus eating. Little does he realize that it’s actually live fetuses (and live babies, for that matter) that are an important source of protein for Oklahoma atheists.

    They really dodged a bullet there.


  4. Well, can’t have Oklahoma grabbing all the headlines. We have a State Rep here in the Sunshine State who introduced a bill to remove the ban on the sport of ‘dwarf tossing’. He said it’s a jobs bill.


    • I don’t think they’ve heard about this in Middle Earth, despite the reference in the film during the battle of Helms Deep. I do believe they would be quite upset. Have there been any dwarf sightings in California near that state rep’s home? Any sinkholes opening in the neighborhood? We could do with a good deal of rep tossing in November…


      • Ric! Oh dear, Florida is the Sunshine State. Which should be obvous as we seem to have inherited the ‘just weird’ title from California. (We’ve also got Rick Scott, the least popular governor in the country. Good times.)


  5. 😯
    WOW. Gotta love them tasty fetuses.

    And my nice pizza with the yummy sauce is looking rather…unappetizing. Thanks, Ric!


    • For you, anything! 😆


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