A para(ble)phrase on gay marriage

Jacob (the guy in the Bible) was married to Leah and Rachel, sisters and his first cousins. Simultaneously. Jacob also had a child with Rachel’s handmaid, with Rachel’s willing approval.

Gay couples can’t marry because the Bible defines marriage as between one man and one woman.

Uh huh. Glad we got that straight.


One Response

  1. I see no inconsistency here. Based on the track records of numerous politicians of both parties (granted the Republicans are over represented), sharing the bed with multiple partners is not an issue so long as it respects patriarchy.

    That is why even David, who murders the husband of the woman he wants, is a hero in the bible. As a job creator, David simply took what was rightfully his from a lowly employee (a moocher, if you will). I’m pretty sure Ayn Rand would approve.


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