Michele Bachmann: “Work or die!”

From ThinkProgress:

GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann promised to significantly lower funding to social safety net programs during a speech at the Family Research Council this morning, going so far as to suggest that people who can’t work should not eat. “Our nation needs to stop doing for people what they can and should do for themselves,” she said. “Self reliance means, if anyone will not work, neither should he eat.”

Perhaps they should be whipped too. Or maybe we could cut their hands off because if they do stay alive they must be eating and if they’re eating then that would be stealing, so off with their hands. That’s all just mighty Christian of her, isn’t it?

But really, shouldn’t this prescription of Bachmann’s apply to Ms. Bachmann herself? She is a Republican member of a Congress in which the Republicans have chosen to do nothing, thus they are not in any real sense ‘working’, are they? So, Ms. Michelle, no food for you until you get a real job – not that you’re qualified for anything other than sucking at the public teat of taxpayer money like you’ve done most of your life.

If anyone doubted Ms. Bachmann’s credentials as a completely-off-the-deep-end, insane, dumbass, cold-hearted, brain-damaged moron, her comment should put their doubts to rest. But of course these credentials eminently qualify her as an acceptable candidate for the Republican nomination for President of the United States and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States.

‘Scuse me while I call up the Asylum to see if my old room is still available. That’s the only place I can find sane people anymore.

And because I seem to have logorrhea this morning, let’s consider what Ms. Bachmann has not. No one lives in a complete vacuum. We live as members of communities, or as Ms. Bachmann so innocently put it, ‘in our nation’. Ms. Bachmann apparently believes firmly and profoundly that our nation should become a place of dog eat dog mentality, that the strong should brutalize the weak, in her example by starving them to death. Ms. Bachmann is apparently neither competent nor capable of considering that self-reliance in a community means you do the best you can to care for yourself, but you rely on your community, in this case the United States, to help you when you need it, just as you are willing to help your community when it needs you. But that’s not Ms. Bachmann’s way. She would, it seems, quite enjoy watching people starve to death: after all, that would be justice and being one of the leading intellectual lights of the Republican Party she must, of course, understand justice.

All you unemployed people out there, living high off the pittance of unemployment insurance because there are no jobs, you’d best cover your ass, because the almighty Michelle Bachmann, wielding the sword and word of her God and the thought  processes of any number of insane, deranged pissant dictators, is getting ready to hack your ass off, along with your hands and feet just for good measure. And say, how come your kids aren’t working?

It’s just amazing what the Republicans can dredge up from the mud of humanity to represent their best philosophical and political thought.

You go, Michelle! Yessir, right into a padded room on the locked ward on the fifth floor. Dinner will be served in a couple of months. If you’re lucky.


5 Responses

  1. 😡 How absolutely Christ-like of her. I feel like kicking her. That is all.


    • Wear real heavy boots.


  2. Psychiatrists work but have yet to discover a cure for any mental illness, so in essence they are not contributing to society, should they starve too? There are a lot of health issues that have yet to be fixed and doctors do not have cures for them, so in essence….. Should they starve too? Maybe a definition of working and contributing needs to be redefined. There is a global economic crisis which indicates that politicians aren’t doing their jobs either…. Hmmm….
    The whole idea is ridiculous. If we are too stupid to solve it then let’s kill off a few? Is this evolving or are we once again going back to the future? If we examine the fact that the unemployment rate is skyrocketing and the job market is small then who is to blame for not doing their jobs? What about the housing crisis? Let’s not even touch on the fact that our service men and women were DOING their jobs and came back to find their houses on the sales market… Who in essence wasn’t doing their job on that one? Logic and reasoning and a general care for the planet and mankind has gone out the window and is replaced by pomposity and entitlement. How many people aren’t paying their fair share? The whole idea of just throwing in the towel to solve the problem, which is what is implied by this statement and sounds more like something a preschooler would come up with. And I know that she is a very intelligent woman and I think that she probably meant to say something else. Maybe, she was trying to say that we need to stop supporting other countries and take care of our own? She does seem fairly well educated. Everything we do on this planet resounds throughout the universe and we should think of that before we go blindly out and destroy something. I firmly believe that if we step on a bug, then it will change something in the future. Just think of what was accomplished by Tesla and how far that brought us…. If Tesla had never existed, where would we be now? Check with Frank and see where he would be today if he hadn’t been rescued from drowning? I wonder how many Einsteins were killed in Iraq? Or how about Turkey, or Afghanistan? How many biologists or discoverers were murdered? How much of it was done just to prove who has the biggest toys? How many new energy discoveries were lost because of wars? Perhaps a better question would be…. Where has the logic gone? Just because someone can afford a Rolls Royce Phantom doesn’t mean they have the intelligence to fix it if it breaks… If the car is broken and there’s no one to fix it, then it becomes a really expensive yard ornament, which makes it pretty much worthless…


    We as a species tend to think for ourselves and only worry about ourselves, it is extremely disturbing. If cancer didn’t exist, could one of the one’s lost have made a discovery that might have changed the future? If the person who saved Frank had been killed or died of cancer or some other disease would his company have existed? Everything has a purpose and a reason.

    This is another what if?

    I’m not advocating or advertising for anyone, I just think that everyone and everything has a reason and we should probably remember that… A whole family line could be wiped out and so could a whole new discovery because of it. You have to wonder if this isn’t something that The Father will tell you at the judgment throne when you get there. “Oh, by the way, because of your actions I have seen to it that the whole of the world will be set back one hundred years in technology and advancement.” or maybe “Because of your actions your whole line is now going to trade places with the poor and down trodden.”
    If that doesn’t make you think, I’m unsure of what will… For those of you who refuse to believe that God exists, let’s touch on Karma or the Butterfly Effect…
    I’m just saying… Everything and everyone has a reason for existence.
    If the Habsburgs had kept the throne what could have been accomplished? And the Bonapartes? We as human beings are fallible and as such are not the wisest… If birds weren’t allowed to be free what changes would that make? If bees were made extinct, where would we be now???

    Loved your post by the way, sorry for the long rant.
    May God Bless You.


  3. I have to fix the story on Frank, It was Boots Adams that almost drowned and was rescued and he was a big part of the oil business and a part of Frank’s story.


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    Michele Bachmann:


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