Alternative Sex?

From Bryan Fischer, notorious Republican right-wing homophobe, speaking at the Value (??) Voters conference on October 8:

Fischer: I believe we need a president who understands that just as Islam represents the greatest long term threat to our liberty so the homosexual agenda represents the greatest immediate threat to every freedom and right that is enshrined in the First Amendment, it’s a particularly threat to religious liberty…. We need a president who understands that every advance of the homosexual agenda comes at the expense of religious liberty. We need a president who understands that we must choose as a nation between homosexuality and liberty, because we cannot have both. A president who understands that we must choose between homosexuality and liberty, and who will choose liberty every time.

Apparently ‘liberty’ is some kind of acceptable sexual orientation that is to be preferred to gay orientations.

Perhaps Mr. Fischer will provide us with a definition so that we can all engage in politically correct sex.



6 Responses

  1. You must keep in mind / such nonsense is in gain of the religious vote
    a relgious vote which makes such difference of the Dem or a Rep govt.
    In much the same with the USA politicians / whom presently the people
    having little confidience// thus in bringing a distraction they use a 24/7
    republican USA Media whom /now in putting out the most appalling lies
    the vilest propaganda against IRAN. We have a situation now where the
    PRESS TV channel is to be removed from SKY //because british & USA
    govt’s say they do not give balanced news programmes. THE REALITY
    the PRESS TV channel / is the best news channel presently on SKY TV.

    Its appalling the levels of corruption injustice British as USA govt will sink.

    PRESSS TV be grealy missed / in the loss of its valuable news coverage.


  2. Freedom is just another word for “sand niggers and faggots needs to get killed.”
    -Janis Joplin, “Me and Bobby McGee”

    The paraphrase may not be exact, but I’m pretty sure I got the gist.


    • I guess I’ll never hear that song quite the same way again…


  3. You mean you never heard of the ‘liberty gender’? Catch up man!


    • I may have dated one once, but I’m not sure. And anyway I was young and naive.


      • Ahhh, weren’t we all . . .


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