The Crimes of Bushbama… Ongoing

Matthew Rothschild has a long piece at The Progressive site on President Obama’s continuation and intensification of American policies that threaten citizens of the United States, of any country the President deems a problem, and that threaten to bring down United States democracy itself. His lead…

On this tenth anniversary of 9/11, let’s face facts: The United States is a more repressive place to live in, and it conducts itself in a more lawless manner overseas. The edifice of repression that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney erected after 9/11, far from being dismantled by Barack Obama, has actually been buttressed. And he’s even added a couple of new floors. We are not the same nation we were ten yeas ago. We are less free. We are more bellicose. And our leaders have put in place mechanisms that future Presidents may use to utterly destroy our democracy.

And then the ugliness begins.

Worth reading.

(You don’t really believe the United States stopped torturing its prisoners just because the President said so, do you?)


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  1. After the bs spewed by The Big O during the last Presidential silly season, I don’t buy anything he says until he does it….which I am sure you too are familiar with his track record on keeping his word. 😉

    ps…just found your link on my blogroll page..I will be adding you today..thanks for stopping by and leaving the link to your blog!


    • Welcome to the old fart’s den. Don’t step in the piles of rage.


      • Oh darlin, you got nothing on moi when it comes to rage…that’s why I call my posts Bitchfests. 😉

        Plus, I protested the Vietnam’s that for being an ole fart?


        • Ah, one of my generation!! Marched in DC, gassed in Boston, etcetera.


        • …arrested in Lexington…


          • I was arrested at the Burning of the BofA in Isla Vista. But I was underage so they just called my dad, a corrections officer who beat the fuck outta me when we got home. Of course the cops did a better job of beating those days they clubbed the shit outta us..remember? Ah..the good ole dayz… 😉


            • I’ve got to say the Lexington cops were quite a bit more civilized, at least that night. Maybe because it was a small town, or maybe it was because they thought that if they tried to hassle us they might find themselves outnumbered by the several hundred Vietnam Vets they arrested for camping on the Town Green. Could have been Ramboesque. (I wasn’t a vet, but was marching with my local VVAW unit as a civilian unit historian.)


  2. Ugh. That article was just sad. “Extreme Repression Force” sure sounds a whole lot better than “Disgusting Frickin’ Torturers” – which is probably why they use it.

    Sometimes I wish I was just blissfully unaware. 😦


    • No TV. No newspapers. No magazine. No radio. No internet. There’s your bliss.


      • Damn. Since I have a bizarre taste for reality TV, that won’t fly. 🙂


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