Another Sickening Republican Wants Into The Senate From Nebraska

This guy is the Attorney General of Nebraska. He’s disgusting and he’s a hypocrite.

Republicans really can’t stand poor people, disadvantaged people, people who struggle to feed themselves and their family, people who aren’t filthy rich, people who have little or no political power.

There was that piece of Republicrap South Carolina Lieutenant Governor last year comparing the poor to stray animals. Now there’s this Nebraska wannabe degrading welfare recipients…

“The raccoons – they’re not stupid, they’re gonna do the easy way if we make it easy for them. Just like welfare recipients all across America. If we don’t send them to work, they’re gonna take the easy route."

TPM has the story.

Why is he a hypocrite? Here’s some interesting info from a commenter at TPM.

73 percent of Nebraska farmers received some sort of payment in 2009.

10 percent of Nebraska farmers collected 62 percent of the

$306.1 million in direct payments was collected by Nebraska
farmers in 2009.

10 percent of Nebraska farmers collected 56 percent of payments from 1995-2009.

Nebraska was fifth among states in total farm payments at $14
billion from 1995-2009.

Source: Environmental Working Group.

Guess those Nebraska farmers must be some of the laziest bastards in the country, eh? And how much do you want to bet that the top gummint welfare recipients among those farmers are big donors to the Republican party which this scumbag Bruning calls his political home?

Yowsah! Republicanism at its finest!


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  1. Why the hell did I watch that? Those were some cold, dead eyes. I have my issues with welfare, but raccoons? I sure as hell hope that’s not their idea of Compassionate Conservatism.


    • You watched it because of our long association fighting the evils of corn flakes and rice krispies in the corn fields of Iowa, because you trusted me to lead you onto the paths of multigrains and into the valley of the shadow of corny Nebraska.

      (Okay, okay, it’s a slow night, I’m bored… sorry. Jeez.)

      Oh, and Compassionate Conservativism – it’s not even a full oxymoron, it’s just plain moronic.


      • And trusting you led me where? Oh yeah. Right into a Kellogg’s factory.


      • When are you going to admit that the adventure in the Kellogg’s factory fit in perfectly with your profound and personal essence of flake? You know I always have your best interests at heart, corny as that may sound.


        • My essence of flake? Remember Minsk? Who flaked on whom? Best interests. Mmm hmm. We ended up there, and when the going got tough, who bailed? I had to sit through an interrogation room, forced to eat those Rice Krispies.


        • Minsk, Minsk, Minsk!! You always bring up Minsk. Three therapists told you that you have to move on, that Minsk is in the past, that it was an honest mistake by the suits at HQ. Besides, who rescued you? Me, that’s who. I’m still traumatized by the sight of anyone wearing a rabbit suit, but does that stop me from eating carrots or playing with Bunnies? No! And there’re plenty of cereals besides Rice Krispies in the cereal aisle. You’ve got to give up your obsession with Minsk. Your career may be in jeopardy.

          (BTW we’re being assigned to a mission in Munsk, from what I hear on the grapenuts vine.)


          • Since when are you sticking up for the suits? Maybe you are one. Hmm. You rescued me? Um try that goat herder.

            Well, excuse me “Mr. I Hate Cereals.” Why are you pushing me toward other cereals? I know exactly why. Your little “grapenuts” vine spelled it all out. You’re getting paid by them, aren’t you? Sell out.

            You know I talked to the suits about Minsk, and they understood my refusal to do future missions. They’ll probably set you up with Tiny, the 400 lb. Croat. Good luck with all that.


            • I haven’t taken a penny from the cerealians. I don’t know where you get your information from. What, reading the backs of cereal boxes?

              I can’t work with Tiny. She’s always bitching about her husband. And she’s got terrible BO, smells like a croat… umm, sorry, a goat. I’m still holding out for you, my good old partner, for the Munsk mission. Nobody else is as qualified or capable. We had some good times, and you’re the best shot in the department.


            • Cereal boxes? Hardly. Leaving me to be interrogated at the Kellogg’s factory and your “grapenuts vine comment” made it crystal clear. You sold your soul to Post Cereals. I thought you would continue to fight the evils of cereal with me, but alas, everyone has their price. What was yours?

              Thanks for the vote of confidence, comrade. Ever since the Minsk mission, I’ve taken to drinking. My shot isn’t that great anymore. That’s why the suits have relegated me to the easy missions. Maybe I can twist their arm. There’s one coming up, and I can put in a good word for you. Looking for drug cartel fugitives in Belize. Good hotel right on the beach.


            • It wasn’t Post. It was Kashi. I thought I could work a deal advantageous to both of us, but they double-crossed me with their talk of healthy grain and blueberries.

              Even drunk you were always a better shot than anyone else in the deparment. See you on the beach in Belize.


            • Damn hippy Kashi bastards.

              Awesome – I heard you talked to the suits about your interest in Belize. Since they gave the go ahead, I’ll meet you there. I’m leaving tomorrow. Got a great gig as a pinch hitting maid to help identify possible fugitives. We’ll go over logistics once you get there.

              You’ll probably “forget” that you read this, but don’t bring your entire cache of weapons. We have more than enough. waiting.


            • Alright!! Good times ahead!

              I’ll just bring the 9 mil and the pocket nuke.

              See you in two days.


            • Glad to see you’re downsizing on the weapons. I never did get your arsenal and having 10 of everything. How many AKs does one need?


            • How many enemies do we have?


            • Ha! Good point. Considering how many we’ve collected over the years on all continents, your cache isn’t big enough.


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