Obama Speaks: Pablum and Bullshit

Obama just finished his latest little speech, his pep talk aimed at… well, maybe at the people living on Mars. For ten minutes, nine of them on the economy, he spewed pablum and drool, saying he was hopeful our economic problems could be solved.

No mention of the people who brought us to this condition. No mention of the Republicrazies in the House who jammed the country into a deeper hole. No attempt to actually embrace and address the realities of the paralytic, divisive, ideological madness driving Washington politics.

Nope, nothing of substance. Just blither about the United States being the greatest country on earth blah blah blah.

The man has gone from being a great candidate to being a pathetic President.

And that ninth minute – more pablum about the dead soldiers in the helicopter some Afghans shot down over the weekend in a senseless war. More useless deaths of Americans, and Afghans. More wasted lives, their substance and future spent on the political bullshit of Washington politicians who don’t mind killing American soldiers in the political quest for votes and re-election.  (See Ray McGovern’s article on this waste of lives.)

Of course the media is now blithering about the speech and devoting their considerable intellectual skills to pretending that the empty rhetoric Obama just spewed held any meaning at all.

Ten minutes of worthless bullshit. Of pablum for empty minds.

He should pull a Lyndon Johnson and announce he’s not going to run in 2012. The country can’t take much more of this failure of leadership, this cozying up to the destructive elements in the corporate world, this constant licking of the Republitea boots.



One Response

  1. YES! Jesus wept – why the hell can’t this man grow a pair and LEAD!!


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