Faster And Faster We All Go Round, And All Fall Down

I’ve long held that the scientific predictions regarding global warming leading to climate change run way behind the reality. An article at Common Dreams makes the same claim regarding what’s happening in the oceans as a result of human action.

It’s kind of pointless, of course, because the fools running the various countries, particularly the fools in Washington, D.C. running the United States, don’t listen to scientists who know what they’re talking about. They only listen to political donors and ignorant talking monkeys on the political right and in the corporate penthouses.

The oceans are dying, and where they go we go.

Enjoy your fish dinner. Tomorrow you die of hunger.

Ring around the rosy
A pocketful of posies
"Ashes, Ashes"
We all fall down!

That innocent-sounding rhyme was all about the Black Plague.

At least there were survivors to write commemorative rhymes.

Cockroaches and rats don’t write poetry.



2 Responses

  1. I’m surprised that a misanthrope like you seems to harbor a desire that people living today would give a damn about what happens to the planet after they’ve died. Most people act in their own self-interests, not the interests of others, especially future generations. I suspect most people, if they think about global warming at all, figure something along the lines of, I’ll be long gone before any of this really matters, so I’m not going to care/do anything about it.


  2. Even a diehard misanthrope like me can imagine and empathize with the tremendous suffering that’s coming down the pike. As a species we had a chance to make something truly great, and we threw it away for greed, for ignorance, for petty hatred, and for the intellectual ash heap of religion. The really sad part is that as we go down we’ll take most every other species down with us. We’re not smart enough as a species to survive. Or perhaps we’re simply too smart to survive.


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