Mitt Romney: Filthy Rich and Utterly Clueless

Mitt Romney is a useless and clueless politician. He’s so desperate to garner votes that he will say anything, do anything, and change his mind seven times a day if he travels to seven cities a day. And yet he can’t help but wrap his tongue around his ankles and fall on his face when he opens his mouth to mouth his latest ideological platitude. And that mostly because he has absolutely no respect for the working people – you know, the people who made him and his father rich by busting their asses in factories.

His latest insult came in Florida while he was having a conversation with some unemployed people.

Mitt Romney sat at the head of the table at a coffee shop here on Thursday, listening to a group of unemployed Floridians explain the challenges of looking for work. When they finished, he weighed in with a predicament of his own.

“I should tell my story,” Mr. Romney said. “I’m also unemployed.”

Did you hear a word they said, Mittens? Or were you just salivating inside your little mind to get out that clever little sentence?

Here’s a guy worth a few hundred million dollars, who spent a good part of his business career throwing people out of work so he could line his pockets with cash, boo-hooing his lack of a job. Oh sure, he was trying to be humorous about it, but a rich man, a man who’s buddy-buddy with the Wall Streeters and the bankers who cost the country tens of millions of jobs and brought on the economic disaster of the last couple of years, a rich man whose Republican ideology says kick the workers, kick the poor, kick the sick, and give the taxpayer’s dollars to rich jerks like Mitt Romney and friends, jokes that he’s just like real unemployed people. To their faces. And according to the news story they didn’t have the balls to tell him off. They chuckled, like brain-dead, brainwashed idiots.

And he caps it off with this:

“We have all been distressed by the policies that this administration has put in place over the last two years,” Mr. Romney said. “We have seen the most anti-investment, antigrowth, antijob strategy in America since Jimmy Carter. The result has been it’s harder and harder for people to find work.”

It would of course be useless to point out to this stupid Republiclown that it was a Republiclown President and a Republiclown Congress that drove the country into debt, that drove the jobs out of existence, that played fast and loose with the Federal budget in order to fund two useless, pointless wars. (And some fool will no doubt say it was really Clinton’s fault, never mind the budget surplus that Clinton handed the born-again moron from Texas). And it would be equally useless to point out that the Republiclowns haven’t created one job since they won back the House, but have done everything they could to obstruct, delay, deny, and sabotage every attempt by the black guy in their White House to create jobs and get the economy back from the edge of the cliff the Republicans are so desperately trying to push us all over.

Come to think of it, pretty much all the Republiclowns are useless and clueless and really really don’t like people who get their hands dirty at work.

Mitt Romney, Man of the (Rich) People!


8 Responses

  1. Didn’t you know? Rich people are rich because they deserve to be rich, and poor people are poor because they deserve to be poor. [-insert name of swarthy ethnic group here-] suck at the teat of the hard-working white Christian taxpayer only because they would rather live in a ghetto than do an honest days’ work.


    • Why goodness gollee, I had no idea!!!



      • That’s actually nearly what I overheard recently at work. According to one colleague, anybody who really wants a job could get one immediately. Those who are unemployed for extended periods simply refuse to disembark from the apparent gravy train that is unemployment insurance benefits. Since high school, he had been able to get high paying jobs in the oilfields (which had nothing to do with his blood relation to the employer, I’m sure). Only people who have never been unemployed (or even underemployed) think like that.


  2. Of course they do ignore the fact that your family could starve to death on those big fat unemployment checks tens of millions of slackers are so eager to get in exchange for jobs that pay well.

    The conservative line is simply insane. Reality is not only not their strong suit, it’s not even in the deck they use.


  3. I’ll do my part to make sure Mitt remains unemployed.


    • Me too ! I’m doing my level best to spread that old,but still relevant, story about his dog on the top of the car. What a damned, citified ‘priss’ is that ?!


  4. “Mittens” … I love it!


  5. If only Americans would read Matt Taibbi’s GRIFTOPIA …but I’m not holding high hopes of that. What, a bunch of bumper-sticker readers like us ?!


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