Walt Disney Company Sinks Into Moral, Ethical Sewer: Seeks To Trademark ‘SEAL Team 6’ For Profit

It’s bad enough Walt Disney took away the dignity of mice, ducks, dogs, dwarves, and whatever else he could get his hands on, but now his corporation has started the process of trademarking the name of the SEAL team that killed Osama Bin Laden.

SEAL Team 6 is a United States military unit, and as such all aspects of it belong, if it can be said to belong in this sense, to the American people, not to the Walt Disney corporation.

SEAL Team 6 at its core is trained to engage in profound violence to kill human beings. It is one thing to knock Mickey Mouse senseless in a cartoon. It is quite another form of violence, a moral violence in an unquenchable lust for profits, to appropriate the name and values of  a group of men trained to commit genuine, murderous violence, no matter their cause.

And Disney’s move can be seen not only as a disgusting grab for cheap profit but also as the trivialization of  a crew of dedicated, skilled military men and the democratic values they believe they are fighting to sustain.

No doubt that if Disney succeeds in grabbing this trademark the men of the SEAL teams and the American people will not see one damned penny of the money the Disney greedsters collect as they cheapen and destroy American military values. Perhaps their ad campaign will boast, “SEAL Team 6, the Mickey Mouse of the American people!!”

I’m  put in mind of the line from the film The Pawnbroker, where a customer accuses the pawnbroker, “People bring you a dream and you give them a dollar.” Except that Disney has it backwards: a free democracy allowed Walt Disney to create his corporate empire, and in return his corporation kicks the legs out from under democracy and trashes its values and steals its money.

Disney, in going after the SEAL Team 6 trademark, shows itself to have diseased values dredged from the corporate sewer.


12 Responses

  1. Yeah, this was low.


  2. Grrrrr. Now I have another reason to dislike Disney.


    • What were the other reasons?


      • My biggest beef is what they did to Miramax Studios, one of the greatest Indie
        film labels of all time. They bought it from the Weinsteins, ran it to the ground, and asked for way too much money when the Weinsteins offered to buy it back in order to save it.


  3. I thought this was a joke. Now I’m thinking I should trademark “Tropic Lightning,” “Big Red One,” and “Screaming Eagles.” Hell, at least I was in the Army.

    On second thought, any court that allowed this should require that all Disney parks prominently display the motto “The Deadliest Place on Earth.”


    • I can’t decide if this is worse or better than bio and pharm labs patenting human genes.

      Everything in America is property.


  4. Disney is the anti-Christ…..and Rickey Rat is a money grubbing sleaze….


    • Don’t be hard on the Mouse. After all, what choice did he have? Do the cartoons or submit to the tender mercies of the trap.


  5. army…

    […]Walt Disney Company Sinks Into Moral, Ethical Sewer: Seeks To Trademark ‘SEAL Team 6’ For Profit « Grumpy Lion[…]…


  6. col3…

    […]Walt Disney Company Sinks Into Moral, Ethical Sewer: Seeks To Trademark ‘SEAL Team 6’ For Profit « Grumpy Lion[…]…


  7. Good article. I am dealing with a few of these issues as well.



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