John Paul: Patron Saint of Pederast Priests

Kevin Cullen’s column in today’s Globe does a nice job of demonstrating why the Catholic Church functions as an out-of-touch institution that doesn’t get the depth of its own evil (it’s a religion – of course it’s evil).

According to Cullen, Johnny Paul the Second knowingly ignored the foul and vile behavior of his priests as they raped and sodomized children around the world. In fact the Church protected any priest who molested children, and old JP2 went right along with the program.

From Cullen’s column:

Nine years before Bob Costello [a victim] wrote that unanswered letter to the pope, a great priest and canon lawyer at the Vatican named Tom Doyle delivered to the pope a clarion call for action. Priests were raping children all over the world with impunity, Doyle’s report found, and the church risked losing its collected fortune and its collective soul unless the pope did something about it.

Like Bob Costello’s letter, Tom Doyle’s report was ignored.

“Hundreds of thousands of lives were ruined because this pope looked the other way, and now they are falling over themselves to make him a saint,’’ Father Doyle said. “It is self-serving, and it is counterproductive, more evidence that the people who run the church don’t understand that these very actions are driving people from the church. It mystifies me. And when I think of the survivors of sexual abuse, it saddens and angers me.’’

Cullen goes on to note that Barry Bonds likely won’t get into the Baseball Hall of Fame because of his drug taint. Doyle notes…

“Major League Baseball has higher standards than the Vatican,’’ Father Doyle said. “And that’s not saying much for Major League Baseball.’’

Yeah, baby!

So today the Vatican big hats rub their arrogance and selfishness and vileness in the faces of the children raped and damaged by priests by naming a guy who covered up all the evil a saint.

Hell, on those kinds of qualifications The Lion could get his local pimp elevated to sainthood. At least he’s honest about the shit he does.

Catholics should be ashamed of themselves and their leaders for this travesty instead of acting as if something good is being done in the Vatican today. But Catholic dogma seems to suggest that it’s okay to bugger children as long as you’re a priest and make nice noises at church dinners and Sunday services.

If they really gave a damn about their children they’d be crucifying priests, cardinals, and popes instead of glorifying the scrimy bastards.

But it’s religion, so it’s okay to give the crimson criminals a free ride on the backs of children.

Johnny Paul knew. He did nothing. He’s vile.

Deal with it.




11 Responses

  1. And a big amen for you sir 🙂


    • Ah jeez, Hat, don’t go getting all religious on me.


      • No worries there Ric, I’m a born again atheist. 😉


        • What, you couldn’t get it right the first time?



          • Damned catholic schools kept impeding my progress. The nuns kept insisting I do it their way or the hellway!


            • The hellway is more fun. The most interesting people live there.


  2. The only religion that condones the buggering of children. Wait till you get to the gates of heaven you are all in eternal hellfire.


  3. So do you think maybe JPII should be the patron saint of “ignore shit until you die”?


    • That could work. Of course the elephant question in the room is why should the rotten s.o.b. be made a saint at all, even if you believe in all that crap. He ignores the suffering of thousands of children at the hands of his black-wrapped priests, and his buddies in the Creepy Old Men’s Circle of the Inner Vatican decide he’s a saint. What’s that from, the eleventh commandment: “Bugger thee the children of the dumbass faithful.”


  4. He shouldn’t be. As far as I’m concerned, the church should be investigated, and every priest who is either suspected of sexual predation or complicit in hiding it should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. No exceptions.

    I’m not holding my breath though.


    • In the case of the Catholic Church, I suspect that full prosecution would leave no one to run the place. But given the evil the church has done for the last couple of thousand years and continues to do today, that would be a good thing. One sect down, a couple thousand to go.


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