The Burning Gun: Iraq War Really Was About Oil…

Over at Common Dreams Ray McGovern writes about the release of British government documents demonstrating that the destruction of Iraq, the deaths of thousands of American soldiers, the savaging of the American taxpayer, the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, and the creation of four million Iraqi refugees was in large part done to put profits into the hands of fat cat oil executives, pretty much the same ones ripping off the taxpayers today.

So all you patriotic Americans, your family members died and got their bodies and minds torn up to create profits for the rich people who today continue to do their very best to destroy democracy in America and anywhere in the world where they can make a buck.

From McGovern’s article:

Prime Minister Tony Blair was equally disingenuous in his public remarks. On April 19, Democracy Now ran a brief clip in which British author Muttitt called to mind Blair’s assurances to a TV audience on Feb. 6, 2003, six weeks before the war: “The idea that we’re interested in Iraq’s oil is absurd, it’s one of the most absurd conspiracy theories you can imagine.”

Muttitt pointed out that, as Blair was saying this, a secret (until now) Foreign Office document setting out British strategy toward Iraqi oil asserted, “Britain has an absolutely vital interest in Iraq’s oil.”

Plenty more. Worth reading.

7 Responses

  1. The burning gun isn’t a smoking gun. Anyone with an ounce of intelligence had this figured out years ago. Still, a good read is always worthwhile.


    • We pretty much guessed right, but Muttitt has produced the documents that prove it.


      • There’s nothing wrong with having our inferences backed up with documentary evidence.


  2. And at least the Brits have called up some of their miscreants to answer for their behavior before Parliament.

    What was the name of that British scientist/civil servant who was murdered just before Iraq? As I recall, he had some evidence against the invasion he was about to present. Ring a bell?


    • His name was Ted something, worked in defense or intelligence. Supposedly a suicide IIRC.


    • Huh. That “murder” or “suicide” certainly was conveniently timed for some powers that be. Nothing to see here, folks. Move along and look at the shiny thingie over there.


      • Trump! Trump! Palin! Palin! Whoopeee, ain’t we got fun.


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