Stealing America From Americans



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  1. The graph is a little misleading since 35% of profits of 21 billion in profits is about 7 1/2 billion…but I know 4 companies is the tip of the tip of the iceberg.

    And America is being stolen. It should be a mark of shame that these companies and the wealthy in general are so unwilling to contribute to the country.


    • Don’t forget the billions in refunds they’re getting…


    • I find it interesting that these major corporations are doing all they can to undermine the system that made their success possible. As are the Tea Party and the Republicans.


      • It’s a libido for greed on an unprecedented scale. The Koch types see how much MORE they can take, and they want it.


  2. The fact that a single underemployed wage slave pays more in taxes than even one Fortune 500 company says all that need be said.


  3. I think it’s ironic that the Republican party is so fearful of Socialism. It seems to me that they routinely practice a form of Socialism in reverse; they continously take from the poor and middle class, while spreading that money amongst the wealthy in the form of tax cuts. Essentially, it’s Elitist Socialism.


    • Perhaps it’s more accurate to say that Republicans fear socialism for the masses. They obviously love it for the elite.


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