Fundogelical Mike Huckabee: Indoctrinate Americans At Gunpoint Into Christian View


Mike Huckabee, a Republican Christian fundogelical running seriously hard for President, wants to put a gun to your head to force you to accept his lie that the United States was created as a Christian country. A real gun, not one that’s fake like his knowledge of history.

He said that in the video of his speech at a Christian Supremacist conference, and then edited out the comment. Fortunately one of us evil commie fascist libruls recorded the original speech.

Article and video here.

Didja notice the laughter at the gunpoint remark?

They’ll tell you they’re just nice Christian folk trying to look after their country.

These are a bunch of sick fucks who, given political power, would soon be indistinguishable from the Taliban or the Khmer Rouge.

Just like the nice Christian folk who lynched thousands of Blacks, who beat and kill gays, who curse American Muslims, whose holy book of bullshit tells them to kill atheists. These are the sick holy scum who want to run America and control your life.

And Mike Huckabee wants to lead them, as the President of the United States, on their holy crusade  against everyone who dares disagree with them.

Tip o’ the hat to Shorty in Texas.



16 Responses

  1. If the DNC were to put this clip in an ad, it’d look fake because it’s so nuts. 😯


    • Maybe that’s the secret Republican plan: look so stupid, so out of touch with reality, so extreme and so extremely ignorant, that no one would believe it possible and thus would blame the Democrats for slandering the Rethugs.

      Don’t laugh! With an electorate as brain-dead as the Americans anything is possible.


  2. Oh man. Unless you want a bullet in your head, you better listen to the nice man. 🙄


    • They got to you, didn’t they?


      • Of course. They have the gun. Shhh and Jesus loves you.


        • Jeez, you’re not going to start heaving religious blather at me now, are you? You seemed so sane. Or are you just covering your butt because the Jeebus armies of darkness have taken over your town and are holding your pet rabbit hostage at the school gym?


          • I’ll say anything to free Bugs.


          • Oh no! They got Bugs!?

            Let’s get Elmer out of retirement: he could always find Bugs.


            • Even if he did find Bugs, he’d have to get through the wascally Huckabee


            • You mean Hoggabee?

              Shouldn’t be too hard. Elmer has his shotgun. Hoggabee has what’s left of his mind.

              My money’s on Elmer.


            • Hogabee can’t run very fast in those mom jeans.


            • Hell, he couldn’t run fast naked if Michelle Bachmann’s husband was chasing him with Elmer’s shotgun.


            • 😆


  3. I see ol’ Huck, who made such a bid deal of his weight loss, is re-enlardening himself. Perhaps he is hoping to look less like Gomer Pyle and more like Boss Hogg.


    • Or a pyle of hog leavings.


  4. des:
    I’ve noticed the same thing about the huckster. I’m surprised he has hasn’t lost the extra baggage before hitting the campaign trail. He’ll have a harder time losing it once he hits the BBQ circuit.


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