American Terror

March 26, 1997 Kalamazoo, MI

Militia activist Brendon Blasz is arrested in Kalamazoo, Mich., and charged with making pipe bombs and other illegal explosives. Prosecutors say Blasz plotted to bomb the federal building in Battle Creek, the IRS building in Portage, a Kalamazoo television station and federal armories. But they recommend leniency on his explosives conviction after Blasz, a member of the Michigan Militia Corps Wolverines, renounces his antigovernment beliefs and cooperates with them. He is sentenced to more than three years in federal prison and released in late 1999.

The Second Wave: Return of the Militias
Southern Poverty Law Center Special Report


15 Responses

  1. There’s so many militias out there. Is there a prestigious one that you can try to join? Like the Harvard of militias?


    • Yes. The Cape Cod Procrastination and Petanque Militia. As soon as we have a meeting I’ll sign you up.


      • I won’t hold my breath then. Petanque? You trying to get me in a French Socialist Militia or something?


        • That’s the best kind. Wine, petanque, warm bread, cheese, and an occasional storming of the barricades.


          • Warm bread and cheese? Sold. But won’t we be targets from other militias?


            • That’s what the cheese is for. The scent of warm bread draws them out of their hiding places and the cheese acts as bullet-absorbing shielding while we shoot at them. Haven’t you read your copy of the French Foreign Militia’s Legion of Food Fighting Tactics?


            • I haven’t. They’re on to me after I checked out The Anarchist’s Cookbook last year. Send me a copy of yours to my anonymous
              P.O. Box.


            • The mail’s not safe. I’ll have my anonymous people contact your anonymous people to make secret arrangements. Anonymously, of course.


            • Awesome. And I’ll have them deliver it to me at an anonymous location.


            • But how will they recognize you? You’ll be anonymous.


            • They’ll leave it at the anonymous spot – whose location rotates. I need to send you my copy of “The Government Might Get Me.”


            • How do I know they haven’t already got you and you’re just playing the role of bait to trap me and rotate me into their clutches? (Their devious and evil plan is already working: despite our long and close association in fighting the dark forces they’ve driven a wedgie between us. I despair.)


  2. So Ric, I’m enjoying your dialogue with our “Alan Scott’ – he’s a marvel, isn’t he. My favorite is when he says “prove me wrong”.

    I think I asked you before, but have you followed David Neiwart and/or his old blog Orcinus?


    • Scott is a piece of work. Reminds of that famous saying, “Beam me up, Scottie. There’s no intelligent life down here.” ‘Cept I wouldn’t want this guy running the transporter…

      I think I’m not familiar with Neiwart/Orcinus.


      • Neiwart ran a blog called Orcinus for years – it’s still there at

        Since then he’s been writing books and also runs Crooks & Liars I think.

        Check the left column on the home page and see the various series he’s written – many focusing on ‘eliminationism’ and the language around that.

        I think you’d find some of it illuminating/


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