If You’re Poor In Minnesota, Having $20 Makes You A Criminal

Minnesota’s Governor Tim Pawlenty and his Republican legislators are trying to make it a crime for anyone on public welfare to have more than twenty dollars cash on them.

Pawlenty just announced he wants to be President of the United States. No doubt he’ll spend the next several months telling us what a good Christian and good American he is.

Perhaps he’ll run with the Koch houseboy from Wisconsin, Governor Scott Walker, as his running mate. A matched pair of Republican Christian scum. The Republican philosophy: Suck up to the rich while kicking the poor and the workers who made possible the rich, and then piss on them.

The Lion can hardly wait to watch these guys justify their pathology while  clawing their way to the top of the pile of Republican shit that is American politics today.



7 Responses

  1. It seems like these ass-hats come up with a new method to control the poor and middle class every day. Geez.


  2. Jesus Fucking Christ on French Toast! That’s the lowest level of Rethuglican asshattery I’ve seen yet. Unfortunately, I’m sure that Rethuglican asshattery will likely reach an even lower low tomorrow.


  3. Any competent jurist that’s not a graduate of Oral Roberts, Liberty, or Regent University Law School (is that redundant?) will state that this, in effect, defeats a Constitutionally protected right. Of course, appealing losses all the way to the Supreme Court may be what they have in mind. Given that the majority of the Supreme Court is right-wing Catholic, now is the ideal time to overturn Roe v. Wade.


  4. This won’t pass, but the idea of it is just disgusting – and the base will just eat it up. Since many low-income people are ineligible for checking accounts (they do credit checks before they give you one) and credit cards/cash cards, carrying cash is what some folks have to do. And not all necessities can be bought with a SNAP card – how do they suggest someone pay for, say, new tires (to get to work and support themselves!)?


    • Welcome to the den. You’re going on the blogroll immediately.


  5. What in the fuckety-fuck?! ACK! No words … 😦


    • Your eloquence is, as usual, appreciated.


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