American Terror

March 9, 2000 Texas 

Federal agents arrest Mark Wayne McCool, the one-time leader of the Texas Militia and Combined Action Program, as he allegedly makes plans to attack the Houston federal building. McCool, who was arrested after buying powerful C-4 plastic explosives and an automatic weapon from an undercover FBI agent, earlier plotted to attack the federal building with a member of his own group and a member of the antigovernment Republic of Texas, but those two men eventually abandoned the plot. McCool, however, remained convinced the UN had stored a cache of military materiel in the building. In the end, he pleads guilty to federal charges that bring him just six months in jail.

The Second Wave: Return of the Militias
Southern Poverty Law Center Special Report


10 Responses

  1. Modern-day militias scare the crap out of me.


    • But… but… but why? They’re just decent, everyday God-terrified gun-toting pureblood white American people who want to make America safe for you… protect you from the commie socialist fascist government in Washington… from the savage heathen Muslims (Blacks, Indians, Hindus, Atheists, Buddhists, Chinese yellow swine-flu-infected commies)… from little brown breeding aliens from the south… from the evil books in the public library… from health-care-planned Canadians…

      I really don’t understand what you’re afraid of, young woman. Unless maybe you’re just not American enough to warrant the tender mercies of the militias and the Tea Partiers. Say, maybe you’re not a real American… where’d you say your grandparents are from?


      • Uh oh. My grandparents actually came from another country. Does it help that it is an American allied country? No? OK. Let me concentrate on the pretty colors of the flag while one of the guys with the torches sets me on fire. You can tell the one with the pitchfork that poking me is overkill. See you in the next lifetime!


        • Don’t despair! The Progressive Militia will soon be there!

          Oh crap! We don’t have a militia… What were we thinking?


          • Can’t you start one like really quickly? It’s getting hot.


            • Maybe if you ask them real nice they’ll spit on you… ewwwww…

              The Progressives in charge of starting the militia are trying to get a committee together to decide on how to proceed and whether to make J. S. Mill an official mascot.

              I think you’re out of luck. I’d rush to your rescue but I can’t find a philosophical justification for spending all that money on an airline ticket that will create air pollution.

              Wait, I’ll call your local fire department… what do you mean the Republicans laid them all off?


            • I knew tree huggers would be the end of me.

              Yeah, the Republicans said something about collective bargaining rights, parasites, and Cadillac benefits. Then I passed out from smoke inhalation.

              I hope you’re happy.


            • I’m a misanthrope. I don’t do happy. Except maybe when I get to kick a Republican…really hard.

              Sorry you burned to death, but look on the bright side- you avoided being crushed to death in one of those West Coast earthquakes.


            • Proving there is at least one thing that can make a misanthrope smile.

              Eh. Either way would hurt. The really good thing is that I’m up here, God says HI, and He agrees that most of the GOTea Party are douches.


            • But only through gritted teeth…

              And since there is no god you are obviously suffering a delusion and are therefore not dead. Most likely you were rescued by Mighty Mouse and are lying heavily sedated in a comfy hospital bed somewhere.

              I look forward to your full recovery and to assisting you in your quest for bloody vengeance.


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