Scott Walker Crazy As A Bedbug–Takes Orders From Imaginary Voices

It’s true. Governor Scott Walker, Rethuglicon of Wisconsin, gets his orders from an imaginary being that tells him what to do. He bragged about it publicly in November 2009.

The guy is loony tunes. Anybody who thinks this nutcase will compromise on collective bargaining is underestimating the power of insanity. Unless of course Walker’s imaginary daemon tells him to change course.

On the other hand you can bet the house that Walker has cut a deal with the sicko Koch oligarchs. If Scottie boy crushes the unions in Wisconsin, his sugar daddy Koch will give him a lifetime sinecure as a houseboy in Kochland. Then he can spend his life on his knees before his Duke and his daemon.



7 Responses

  1. I’m not surprised, many conservative leaders seem to have god on speed dial (see Bush, George W. or McKinley, James T.). Maybe the liberty crushing conspiracy that is collective bargaining is Walker’s Al-Qaeda or Philippines.


  2. “Ain’t it funny how God keeps tellin’ me to do exactly what I was plannin’ on doin’ anyhow?”


    • Ah yes, the invisible sky wizard. Protector of conservatives, smiter of liberals. Ain’t god awesome?


  3. Richard Dawkins famously characterized bible-god as “the most unpleasant character in all fiction….” I’m not surprised that the same character who told George W. to maim, kill and displace millions of non-Americans also told Scottie W. to grind unions into the dust and kick their members in the balls. It’s the way he rolls.


  4. I didnt know bed bugs were crazy. I think bed bugs are annoying and they should all be killed. – Martha


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