A New Rule For Lawmaking…

When the Republicans marched into Congress with their shiny new majority they made a rule that all bills had to state what part of the Constitution justified the bill.

Of course as soon as John “Cash” Boehner discovered the rule was inconvenient for his usual duplicitous activities, he canned it.

It was dumb to begin with, for any number of reasons, three high on the list being that most Republicans have a) no idea what the Constitution says and b) no clue about how the document relates to the real world that sane people have to live in and c) no idea what the document means in particular nor what it means to have a Constitution. And then there’s that little inconvenience about the courts deciding the constitutionality of laws.

The Lion suggests a different attachment for each bill.

Every bill should have a clear, plain-English statement of the facts and evidence, from reliable and independent sources, which support the need for the bill. Legitimate counter evidence must also be included.

Think about it: laws built on the best available independent  knowledge instead on the mindless, cash-induced ramblings of James Inhofe and Joe Barton.

Naturally the Luddite know-nothings in Congress will fight that tooth and nail (those would be the Republicans for anyone not paying attention).

The Republicans would rather beat women back into the Stone Age, kiss CEO ass for cash, kill everything that lives in the ocean, and enable, for oil cash, the end of humanity. Oh, and kick Obama’s ass back to the Kenyan ghetto from which he crawled.

Yup, facts and evidence really don’t fit into their plans.

8 Responses

  1. Would that lawn be green?


    • What lawn?


      • Your gentle proofreader here brings your attention to “A New Rule for LAWNmaking”


      • Must be something on your end because its not showing up here (or in Texas).


        • I think I lost some brain cells overnight. Explains why I didnt sleep well.


          • My work sometimes has that effect on people… 🙂


  2. …moral vagrants have no need of the rules they make…


    • I like that… ‘moral vagrants’


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