American Terror

February 8, 2002 Flathead County, MT

The leader of a militia-like group known as Project 7 and his girlfriend are arrested after an informant tells police the group is plotting to kill judges and law enforcement officers in order to kick off a revolution. David Burgert, who has a record for burglary and is already wanted for assaulting police officers, is found in the house of girlfriend Tracy Brockway along with an arsenal that includes pipe bombs and 25,000 rounds of ammunition. Also found are “intel sheets” with personal information about law enforcement officers, their spouses and children. Although officials are convinced the Project 7 plot was real, Burgert ultimately is convicted only of weapons charges and draws a seven-year sentence; he is to be released in 2010. Six others are also convicted of or plead guilty to weapons charges. Brockway gets a suspended sentence for harboring a fugitive, but is sent to prison for violating its terms. She is released in early 2008.

The Second Wave: Return of the Militias
Southern Poverty Law Center Special Report

9 Responses

  1. Isn’t it remarkable how militias and white seperatists have dropped off the media radar? They haven’t gone away; guess we have to wait for them to blow up a great big building again like Oklahoma City. They can’t compete iwth missing blond girls.


    • You mustn’t forget that the term “terrorist” is only applicable above a certain minimum melanin threshold.

      Note that below this threshold, an exception can be made for those with a pronounced European accent, but only in terrible movies.


      • Ah yes, the ‘mud people’.


  2. 25,000 rounds of ammo? Jesus, they could have taken over a small country!


    • Back in my college days at Brown I knew an SCLC guy who claimed he could shut down a small town with two cars and eight guys. No guns.


      • Providence!


        • Yes. Been there?


          • Dated a guy at Brown in a previous century. I’m from CT and moved to FL from Mystic.


            • Interesting that under a piece on terror we find out that you dated a guy from Brown…



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