Homosexuals In The White House?! Eek!

President Obama was just asked why, if gays are now to be allowed to serve openly in the military, they shouldn’t be allowed to marry the people they love.

The President restated his position supporting civil unions but not marriage. No news there.

But in the course of his answer he said that he has friends and has people working for him who are in ‘powerful committed’ gay and lesbian relationships.

The Lion predicts that shortly we will be hearing cries from the right wing and from the fundogelical wingnuts about ‘homosexuals’ in the White House, cries decrying the moral decay of America, and the evils of Barrack Obama and the Democratic administration.

Witch hunt anyone?

When Boehner and the Boners take over the House in January The Lion suspects we will be treated to any number of witch hunts grounded in ignorance, fueled by the generally low intelligence and integrity of Congressional Republicans, and motivated not only by animus towards gays and others the Republicans don’t like (people like the 9/11 cops and firefighters, for example), but also by their stated desire to accomplish only one thing – denying Obama a second term.

The Lion predicts that just as Nancy Pelosi was one of the strongest, most productive House Speakers in history, John Boehner will be one of the worst, leading the House of Representatives into a truly disgusting display of the worst that American politicians can offer to the American people.

Good times, good times.


14 Responses

  1. Let’s start a rumor.

    Michelle Obama’s a beard.


  2. It’s always about witch hunts. Just picture McConnell in one of those PUritain black hats – he sure looks the part.

    Did you see video of the Christian Broadcast ‘reporter’ asking Barney Frank about gays in military? Frank was funny and brilliant. Left the poor CBN guy sputtering. (can’t find link)


    • He still would look like an old woman. I can’t stand the scrimy bastard.

      I did see the video. I loved the dry cleaning line. The video is here .


      • Where?


        • You can spot them at the dry cleaners.


          • No no. Where’s the video? I thought you were linking to it.


        • Oops sorry. I didn’t realize the link didn’t make it through the email.

          It’s here


      • He still would look like an old woman.

        McConnell looks more like a ferret than any woman, young or old, that I know.


        • …an old ferret woman…

          Oh damn, now I’ve managed to insult women and ferrets. Damned Republicans!


  3. Happy Holidays GL! Looking forward to a few friendly jousting session in 2011.

    Your conservative friend at Head Muscle,


    • Back at ya… except for the jousting part. The horse is sick, the lance is broken, and the tournament yard is overgrown with weeds.

      Not sure why, but you might find this interesting. Unless you’ve already been there and didn’t like it.


  4. Haha…Boehner and the Boners. Perhaps a future boy band featuring old white guys with really good hair and fashion-forward suits?

    Good times indeed.



    • To which I can only say Ewwwwww!


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