Republican Governor Haley Barbour, Presidential Wannabe, Praises Vicious Racist Group

Haley Barbour, currently governor of the residually racist state of Mississippi, has gone and laid some praise on the Citizen’s Council, a nasty piece of racist work founded in Mississippi in reaction to the 1954 Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court decision declaring school segregation unconstitutional. 

TPM has the story in all its ugly glory, along with an enlightening historical explication of the situation, including an image of the front page of the August 1956 issue of the news rag, The Citizens’ Council, which speaks volumes of unadulterated proud white bigotry.

Barbour is now engaged in the usual Republican process of denying that he is the ugly thing that he says he is.

Read all about it and ask yourself why it is that modern Republicans seem to be the ones in such a hurry to roll the country back to a past that they think is so glorious. You know, back to the time when there was no Social Security or Medicare, when Americans were rugged, independent individuals who didn’t ever need a hand, especially when they had the Klan and the Citizen’s Councils to protect them from the consequences (usually none) of lynching subhuman niggers (a pejorative that lives on in the conscious and subconscious of modern Republicans no matter how often the media and the African-American community try to infantilize it to the ‘n-word’).

Republicans usually appeal to their history as the so-called Party of Lincoln-who-freed-the-slaves, implying that they couldn’t possibly be racist and that Haley Barbour is just a good ol’ down home boy defending his home turf.

Wait for it. Listen! Hear that? That’s the sound of Lincoln spitting in Haley Barbour’s face.

Update: Good ol’ boy Haley walked it back. Read all about it, here and here.

Cenk Uygur on MSNBC just reminded everyone that ol’ Haley said there weren’t any problems integrating the University of Mississippi when he was there. He must have been on a different part of the campus when the riots, fires, and gunplay were going down.

Ol’ fathead Haley also claimed he had a friendly relationship with a black woman at that time and that he still loved her. She noted that he got her middle name wrong and she remembered him but didn’t  have anything to do with him.

Wait for it. Listen. Hear that? That’s the sound of The Lion giggling.

15 Responses

  1. Oh, I hope that ugly, mother fucking, son of his sister runs for President. He is a hateful wretched monster, the worm king of Mississippi.


    • Obviously, I hope he runs because I want the opportunity for publicly skewering him.


    • Worm king? Son of his sister?

      Da Queen is on a roll!!!



      • I despise the loathsome pig. He prospers on the backs of the poor and feeds on human suffering. He diverted Katrina money to like-minded leeches. I hope hell exists for him to rot there.


        • …he pisses me off.


          • It would seem so.

            He always struck me as loathsome, engendering the same feeling of revulsion I felt for Reagan and Bush.


            • There’s a smug, self-righteousness that companions suffocating the poor. It seems to be part of fundamental “Christianity.” The low deserve to be low, I deserve everything and more. It really makes me sick.


            • No getting sick! Save your strength for the fight. I suspect there’s going to be a lot more of this during the next two years.

              Have a cookie.


            • 🙂


  2. And now I’m reading Sen. Cocksucker, I mean, Coburn won’t pass 911 responders bill because American companies that outsources jobs would be taxed.


    • I’ve been trying to think of an analog to tag the Republican Party with, and I think I’ve got the perfect one.

      They’re the North Korea of American politics.

      Loud, obnoxious, negative, dangerous, anti-American, rigidly authoritarian.


      • Perfect. Much more diplomatic than cocksuckers, too. 😀


  3. I prefer cocksuckers. It’s short, to the point, easy to remember and no one can mistake it for anything other than an insult.


    • I do kinda think maybe I ought to apologize to the North Koreans for the insult…



  4. […] In other news, son of his own sister, Governor Haley Barbour (R-MS) tries takebacks on saying how awesome the white supremacists of Yazoo City were in keeping violence out of his segregated town.  (Source) […]


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