Ralph Nader Tears Republicans And The Press A New One (Big, Too)

Over at Common Dreams Momma Nader’s little boy Ralph has gone on a tear against the Republicans and the press that enables their deceits and distortions and lies, and gets in a kick or two at the spineless Democrats too.

Here’s his opening salvo:

If there was a mental health hospital for institutions the Republican Party and its top leaders would be admissible as clinically insane. Their bizarre wackopedia seems to contain no discernible boundaries. Repeatedly, these corporate supplicants oppose any measure, any regulation, any legislation that will directly help workers, consumers, the environment, small taxpayers and even investor-shareholders.

There are some exceptions. Since these Republican politicians eat, some did vote for the long-delayed food safety bill last week so that e-coli does not enter their intestines to disrupt the drivel drooling from their daily repertoire.

Then it gets better…

Well worth the read.


4 Responses

  1. This article kicks ass. Like you. 🙂


    • …and I’m only wearing sandals…


      • See. You can be in touch with your effeminate side and still kick ass. That’s why you’re boss. 🙂


        • I may be the boss, but the pay still sucks. 😆


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