Global Art To Save The Planet? Not Bloody Likely!

Common Dreams has a piece from Environment News Service headlined Giant Earth Art Displays Dramatize Climate Urgency.

Bill McKibben’s company, 350 Earth, has put together a bunch of giant arty displays that can be seen from space. They will be photographed and the photographs will somehow encourage the saving of the biosphere.

Lion poop!

Pretty pictures pretty useless.

To quote The Lion’s comment at the site:

All very pretty.

And pretty useless.

How about organizing a thousand informed, intelligent people to hit congressional offices every day to counter the money and people the energy companies are pouring into congressional campaigns?

How about organizing a major attack against the media, to get them to start focusing on climate for real, with real science, day after day after day?

How about organizing major boycotts against polluters?

How about finding dozens of people to hound people like Inhofe and the other deniers everywhere they go, every day?

How about getting some of those billionaires who have profited so handsomely from the Oil Age to pony up serious money to save the biosphere?

Where are the organizers who can put all that together? Until they show up, the pols and the deniers and the wealthy profiteers and the citizenry aren’t really going to take the matter seriously. They’ll not act until their houses flood and they can’t get food because nobody can grow enough.

The people who are screwing over the planet for money don’t give a damn about pretty pictures from space. They’ll be laughing up their sleeves while pouring money and personnel into the places where decisions are made, where lawmakers can be bought and sold, where corruption rules, whether subtle or broad, and the major place the corrupter’s money goes is into the Congress of the United States.

Catastrophic climate change is deadly business. Congress and its wealthy enablers just think of it as business. Pretty pictures won’t change their minds.

Focused action, focused mass action, focused financial action, focused intelligence can make a difference.

Pretty pictures and rock concerts are nothing more than feel-good ego nonsense birthed by a celebrity-worshipping adolescent culture that thinks that Beyoncé, the Pope, and a royal wedding will save the world.

It’s not a celebrity issue and it’s not an intellectual issue, not any more. The time for polite conversation is over, the time for rock concerts is over, the time for pretty pictures is over.

If the climate people don’t get serious, if they don’t turn into a bunch of hardasses, if they don’t play as ugly as the other side, then everybody dies. Sooner rather than later.


12 Responses

  1. Can’t speak to his art, but McKibben has written one scary book.


    • He’s definitely a leading authority on the problem, but he’s not a leader on the ground, not the kind of leader needed now. I watched him in a lengthy interview the other day and he was completely unimpressive.


  2. Point taken. 😆


    • I am nothing if not pointy.


  3. I’m not entirely convinced about the whole global warming thing. Carbon dioxide and other so-called greenhouse gases are no more likely to cause harm than any other naturally occurring substance. Like asbestos, arsenic, or mercury.

    The media are entirely controlled by wealthy men old enough as to be unencumbered by fears of future decades.


    • You mean if I were wealthy too I wouldn’t be afraid? 🙂


      • Merely being wealthy is insufficient. One must also be 1) old, and 2) an asshole.


        • I guess it would depend on who you asked as to whether I qualify. I’ve got the old part, definitely don’t have the wealthy part; as for the other… depends on your politics. 😀


  4. You mean Al Gore didn’t make the cut to be the leader on the ground?


    • Haven’t heard much from him lately. Not much coming out of DC either. Can’t expect the country to get excited if there’s not a daily reminder of the urgency of the situation, and if the people who are so-called leaders aren’t even talking about it.


  5. Oh, something came out of DC. “House GOP Kills Global Warming Subcommittee”

    And why (from Dan Lashof, director of the Climate Center at the Natural Resources Defense Council):
    “We in the scientific community by and large said OK, the science debate is over, we are moving our efforts into what we are going to do about it. And that left the science debate in the public largely untended,” he says. “That has been recognized as a strategic error.”

    When issues like global warming are contentious and when the “what to do about it” means some sacrifice and pain, that’s when you can never let up educating people about the issue. It seems unlikely now, what with the Repubs moving to control Congress, that these scientists will be able to overcome their “strategic error.” They need to do something alongside artists, and whoever else takes up this issue.


    • A misleading headline. It should have read “Oil Companies Kill Global Warming Subcommittee”.


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