The Fat, Racist, Mental Cesspool Named Rush Limbaugh

Both me and The Lion are at a loss for words to describe the ponderous dark depths to which Rush Limbaugh has sunk in his quest to undermine democratic government in the United States; the lengths to which he will go to drive people to tear at the throats of others; and the brazen breadth of his attempts to present himself as one of the most disgusting, immoral, pathetic, and sickening examples of the worst America has to offer.

Read about his latest psychopathological mouthful of crap over at TPM.


15 Responses

  1. Amazing how they always find new and unimaginable (to people with a conscience) lows.


    • The human heart knows no depths. It just keeps sinking into the slime.


  2. Why even write anything in your post? Your title says it all.


    • Sometimes I just don’t know when to shut up. It’s a character flaw.


      • I like you talking and ranting and growling.


  3. Man I loved it when Olbermann named him “Mr. Bouncy Bouncy”.

    Trash like Limbaugh will only be chased off the stage with howls of laughter. Lots of mockery. More laughter. The more, the better.


  4. If reincarnation is what happens after life, I’d really like to know what Limbaugh will turn into.


    • e.coli


      • 😀
        Very consistent with what he is currently doing.

        But I’m not sure it would be a punishment to keep making people sick.

        Maybe a feathered KFC employee?


  5. I like Rush Limbaugh. He is the perfect litmus test. If I find out a person listens to Rush Limbaugh, I know everything I will ever need to know about that person. Where dittoheads see a clever inside joke deftly skirting overt racism or misogyny, denizens of the real world are bewildered at the ham-handed attempt at slyness.

    It is almost like watching a grown man playing “I’ve got your nose” with another adult under the running assumption that no one else is in on the ruse.


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