Well Done, America! Well Done! And Now You’ll Pay The Psycho Piper…

Yesterday the American voter pulled off an amazing coup, perhaps even a coup d’état that may well morph into a coup de grâce against liberty, against democracy, against intelligence itself.

John Boehner, he of the cheap orange tan that a two-dollar whore past her prime would be ashamed of showing; John Boehner, who has the ethics of a burglar, the moral grace of a defrocked pedophile priest, and the intellect of a common garden slug; John Boehner, thanks to the American voter, will now control the House of Representatives as Speaker of the House.

He rules over a party that has moved so far to the right that they might as well incorporate as a foreign corporation and register as an enemy of democracy. Or perhaps they should incorporate as an asylum for the crazies and the ignorant and the stupid, not to mention the millions who are so terrified by what the hucksters and greedsters and Glenn Beck psychos tell them day after day, hour after hour, that they have lost all capacity to do the work of digging for facts and truths, that even if they found a fact they would be incapable of recognizing it, of sorting it from the storm of lies and distortions and fables raging from the right-wing media.

Has there ever been an electorate so intellectually vapid that it suffered mass amnesia for events that happened just two years ago? Has there ever been an electorate so infantile that it expects thirty years of conservative failure in national economics to be wiped away in a matter of months? Has there ever been an electorate so blind to reality that it ‘sends a message’ to its leaders that it insists on returning to policies that not only failed, but that brought the nation’s economy to the brink of complete failure?

In a time that calls for our best minds to pull together to solve some of the greatest crises the nation, and the world, have ever faced, the American voter yesterday empowered greed, ignorance, stupidity, and intransigence.

It’s all very well to say that maybe next time or the time after that, or sometime, the pendulum of power and politics will swing the other way, but that only assumes that we have the time and that the damage that is about to be done will not have lasting, generational consequences.

Time is up. The American electorate  yesterday took a sledge hammer to the clockworks. The pendulum is broken and swings wildly in storm winds.

[Check out Matthew Rothschild’s view at The Progressive site.]


6 Responses

  1. The voters sent a clear message to America. The world began in 2008. That and…fuck you, you and your reality-based existence: You cannot deny the weepy, drunken orange king of teatards.


    • Kinda makes me miss the Mad Hatter and the Red Queen and all those sensible folk of Wonderland.


      • Sarah can be the Red Queen on the GOP presidential ticket. 😈


        • She’s not smart enough to be the Red Queen. She drank from the Dumb Bottle.


  2. Perhaps many millions of dollars from sources unknown can have a small influence on the electorate. Thanks, Roberts Court.


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