American Terror

October 25, 2004 Tennessee 

FBI agents in Tennessee arrest farmhand Demetrius “Van” Crocker after he tried to purchase ingredients for deadly sarin nerve gas and C-4 plastic explosives from an undercover agent. The FBI reports that Crocker, who local officials say was involved in a white supremacist group in the 1980s, tells the agent that he admires Hitler and hates Jews and the government. He also says “it would be a good thing if somebody could detonate some sort of weapon of mass destruction on Washington, D.C.” Crocker is convicted of trying to get explosives to destroy a building and imprisoned until an expected release in 2030.

The Second Wave: Return of the Militias
Southern Poverty Law Center Special Report

2 Responses

  1. I’m sure that when he gets out:

    1) He will have learned his lesson.
    2) At 63, he’ll be far to old to follow up on his old terrorist ambitions.


    • Remember the old fart who gunned down the guards in Washington – at some museum, wasn’t it? He was way into his seventies, if I recall correctly. Real haters never quit.

      But it’s likely true that he will have learned his lesson – several of them most likely, covering how to do his terror better.


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