Looking For Work? Here’s What’s Happening…

There’s a good piece over at Common Dreams, by John Feffer of Foreign Policy in Focus, about the immigrant end of the American economy. He makes some interesting points, to wit:

Indeed, the United Farm Workers (UFW) began a campaign not long ago that it aptly calls Take Our Jobs. "Farm workers are ready to welcome citizens and legal residents who wish to replace them in the field," the UFW says. "We will use our knowledge and staff to help connect the unemployed with farm employers. Just fill out the form to the right and continue on to the request for job application." Arturo Rodriguez, president of the UFW, told comedian Stephen Colbert that only three people signed up. "Americans do not want to work in the fields," he explained. "It’s difficult, it requires expertise, and the conditions are horrid."

And later:

So, if you’re upset about the unemployment rate, don’t blame immigrants. For starters, blame the U.S. companies that are sitting on a record $837 billion in cash. "That’s enough to pay 2.4 million people $70,000-a-year salaries for five years," writes Matt Krantz in USA Today. Blame the Obama administration for shelling out a million bucks per soldier in Afghanistan, which could go instead toward creating good jobs at home. Blame those in Congress who refuse to support further stimulus spending.

Worth reading, assuming you can maintain some semblance of intelligence and rationality while floundering in the emotional miasma of unemployment and not just looking for a convenient scapegoat.

Now get out there and starting picking them there Brussels Sprouts! [Okay, that’s not what he’s saying, but The Lion has a vicious cold and is refusing to hold himself responsible for saying silly things, simply in order to free himself to say irresponsible silly things that might make him feel better. And no, it’s not working.]



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  1. (Hope you feel better!)


    • Thanks. I’m working on it. Hey, maybe I can get the Delaware Witch to work a healing spell… as long as she doesn’t talk while doing the spell. I’d have to kill her if she talked. Idiocy may be contagious and I’m contaged enough right now.


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