Big Surprise: Health Insurance Companies Slime Children!

Several companies in the health insurance industry have decided that they will no longer write insurance policies for children because they will ‘no longer be able to deny coverage to children with “pre-existing conditions.”’

HCAN has a write-up on this new piece of slime from the CEO’s and the executive officers and the boards of directors of Wellpoint, CoventryOne, and others.

These companies, according to HCAN, announced this decision just days before pertinent parts of the new reform regulations go into effect, regulations that forbid this sort of behavior, in part at least because it is so disgusting.

Of course! The sociopathic slime that run these companies just couldn’t stand it if they had to give up some of their perks, like expensive mansions and condos, fancy cars, and expensive whores, limitless expense accounts, all purchased on the policyholders’ dimes, not to mention their obscenely huge salaries that they earn by denying people – children – health care coverage.

Why, look, Marge here’s the CEO of Giant Slime Insurance Company looking in our sick little baby. What’s that he’s saying to her? What? “Die you little bitch, die. I need a new Ferrari.”

And let’s not forget that this is exactly what the Republicans and the Conservatives and Tea Idiots want. Corporate rule of America. Rule by sociopathic slime. This is the sort of thing that Mike Huckabee recently cheered for at the so-called Values Voters Summit. This is one of their values. It’s typical of their values, which at their root have the Prime Directive: “Profit matters, people don’t”.

There will be no health care reform until we get rid of these slime-filled parasites, these insurance corporations that suck the life out of people.

The HCAN piece is a good-write up. Check the links, too. Interesting stuff. Keep a barf bucket handy.


4 Responses

  1. Amazing isn’t it? Squeezing profits at the expense of lives would be called “blood money” in any other context. Here, we just call it the American Way.

    Barf bucket is right….


  2. Although I can appreciate your position and that of the HCAN writers I do think we’re being a little disingenuous when we try to force apart the idea of a private company that exists for profit and a law that in fact denies them said profit.
    For instance when one writes;

    They don’t like the rules, so they’re going to take their ball and go home.

    I have to ask you…Are you serious? Why shouldn’t they take their ball and leave?
    On the flip side, shouldn’t those companies that didn’t bag out be highlighted as someone that folks should do business with?


    • Alfie says: Why shouldn’t they take their ball and leave?

      Alfie, this is exactly why some of us believe that for-profit health insurance is incongruous with the needs of the patient. For-profit companies will of course always seek to increase their profits (that is what capitalism is about, yes?) and will do so at the expense of those they insure.

      You can call my view “socialism” all you like – but the for-profit insurance system doesn’t work, and in my opinion is downright unethical.


  3. Hippie I actually do try to answer others questions and not bring other blog discussions to other blogs,so with that said I’ll refrain from your closing.
    As for your opener I think the complete statement I made is key.


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